Creality Print 4.3 vs Cura 5.3

I just bought a Ender 3 V2 Neo and am trying out the printer to see detail quality, time taken and amount of material used. I would like to hear of your experience on slicing and printing with Creality Print, specifically comparing it with Cura.

I’ve noticed that while printing time is less, the Creality Print sliced model will use more material than the Cura model to print, some times quite a lot more (up to 50%). I used the same layer thickness setting, infil % and type, support type and adhesion type, and left everything else on default settings. The difference is quite surprising to me. Maybe there is something in the other settings I’ve not noticed that resulted in the difference?

Appreciate your comments and thoughts.

Stay with CURA. Creality Print is basically an older version of CURA with a few modifications. Creality claims that you need to use Creality Print to get the best quality from a Creality printer. This is absolutely not true. I just did a back to back print with first one as CP and next one with CURA and my CURA print was by far a much better print.

You also cannot import profiles from CURA into CP.

You can also read issues I have been having with Box 2.0 and the new Creality Cloud App here.

My experience, and this was a much older version of Creality Print, is that Cura is better in pretty much every way. The thing I personally noticed the most was that the Cura supports were much easier to remove, with the exact same distance setting. I haven’t tried Creality Slicer recently though. Can they have multiple profiles saved, and synced to an account like Cura by now?

The slicer engine in Cura 5 and up and by default Prusa slicer have some big advantaged over the old Cura/Creality slicers.

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

I have been tinkering a lot lately (not with reality print) I have found that new and older versions of Cora and Prusaslicer all do different things slightly and print at different speeds. The odd part is one model that cura prints faster that PS a different model with the same settings will be faster.

I have drawn the conclusion that use the version you like. If you want the new features upgrade but getting hung up of the indicated speed is not worth it. It doesn’t always translate to real speed and on average they are similar. If you do really long prints 24+ hours it might be worth checking various slicers but generally for a handful of mins here or there I would not bother.

Prusa Slicer and Cura both do the same things equally well, they both use the same slicer engiine. They tend to leap frog each other with upgrades so if one of them comes out with a new feature the other will have it soon. It all comes down to which interface you prefer.

Good to know. Thank you.

I just tried both Creality Slicer 4.8 and Cura 5.3 beta 1.

Made sure both Printer settings were equal.

Carefully made sure all Quality settings were the same under Dynamic Quality.

Sliced the same STL file in them both.

Got the same result almost exactly.

Creality Slicer Result

Cura Slicer Result

Not sure what to say other then I get the same results in both slicers.

Huh, I used the same profiles between both. I didn’t go and check everything over carefully, but I noticed print times go down a bit, and a few more fine details were included on identical stls than with 4.8. I was between 4.8.0 and 5.0.0 though. Generally speaking, I have been very happy with 5.0. Happy enough to not bother updating at this point.

What is important between the two is that Cura 5 started using the new slicer engine and it makes a big difference in print quality, especially small details.