Ender 3 prints with a lot of gaps between layers

Hey I am using my ender 3 to print and it is just missing layers and horrible printing the bed is level and so I move the print to my 10s and they are fine I slice properly for each printer but I am stumped on this

HI Will

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do you have any pics of the failed print? It would make it easier to diagnose. There are alot of people on here that will have a look.

Initial knee jerk is loose bowden fitting, Retraction setting too high maybe causing a partial clog or a bad nozzle.

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so here are the pics the print I am trying to do but in creality 10s but better print

I also thought the same things so I went over it and in the 10s it works great always had some problems with the ender 3

That looks like nozzle jam or partial or under extrusion.

I would suggest cleaning the hot end and then either making a small test print or calibrating the extruder.



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I will try calibrating the extruder and change the hot end to see

Thank you

Check the hot end. Do that first. If there is a clog calibrating a clogged nozzle will not be happy printing later.

That it was printing and then stopped doesn’t seem like a calibration issue.

not sure as of yet will try changing the nozzle but I think it is the retract.
what do you think?

I’d try an atomic pull first.

I might if that didn’t help remove the filament and nossle and see if the path is clear or not.

Or a cleaning needle if you have one. Or

with the nozzle off you can just push it completely through the hot end while it is hot works super well. I rarely recommend something this silly wire, just add it to your next order.

the nozzle is not clogged I just checked it, so I will have to calibrate it

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yup. It is odd that something in calibration would go haywire but Creality seem to do that. I can’t fathom why.

just going to do a test print to see if any better let you know when it is finished if it is any better

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This is what the benchy looked like when printing.!missing layers IMG_2272.HEIC|375x500

that is bizarre, I think you said you were printing PLA, what temp are you printing at?

It kind of looks like its printing with a .6 nozzle but sliced for a .4

I was at 200 and now I just put the card in the 10s to see how it turns out

That is ugly! If it isn’t a clog I have no clue. It isn’t making tons of piping noises? That nozzle looks quite beaten could the aperture be deformed? I might swap it because it looks beaten!

I will change the nozzle in the AM then reprint it and see what happens

Will I am just really shooting in the dark. I don’t know. I am a big proponent of changing nozzles. they are cheap even good ones are not expensive (well exotic ones aside) it seems to be a starting point, it is easy and cheap. I spent so long personally fiddling with calibration and settings only to discover a hardware issue. Check and confirm hardware then calibrate.

cool I think I have a few in a draw and will order some more new ones
It started when I was going to print lithographs.

I am getting ready to mod this one up so we will see the benchy I put on the 10s is coming out perfect.