Ender 5 pro Purge extruder message

Ender 5 pr0 displays a purge extruder message replace nozzle with new .4 same message replaced complete hot end assembly same message. Seems to print wellextruder gear was cleaned not stripping noticed. Different temps feed rates and a .6 nozzle swat no change. Okay what’s up?

hi @vernonmr

Would have to say never have seen that error message before. Let me look into the Marlin code tree and see where its being generated from.


do you have a filament runout sensor on that printer, More specifically do you have one of the smart sensors that measures filament distance?

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Seems more than odd, the ender 5 pro does not have any kind of a sensor on it to tell you when the nozzle needs to be replaced. Nor does it have any kind of memory to tell how many hours or prints you have used this nozzle for.

I have searched the Marlin Source code and there is not an error message with this wording in the Marlin source code (version checked. I have looked at the Creality code as well and they do not report this error as a response to any input.

Thus my earlier question about the smart sensor. Its a firmware that someone has custom made and is reporting an error that would never be able to be fixed.

Is there any chance you have a picture of the error you could post here just to ensure i am searching correct Keywords?

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I too am curious, it sounds like a firmware thing, but not what im familiar with (marlin) could this have custom firmware like klipper, reprap or smoothieware?

No runout sensor fancy lights or anything.

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Printed a lot, mostly toys and trinkets for kids as I mentioned in another post I have a raft of nozzles steel and brass all cheap ones but from several suppliers hard to bepieve every nozzle and hot end causes the same message.

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Stock except for supports and all metal hot end and for software is is running Marlin 1.0.1 dated 2020-04-25. Hope this tells toy something.

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Hi Jason I enjoy your printing videos on YouTube and thanks for the interest in my problem.
The machine is stock with the exception of bed and heater plate supports such as you recommended on a YouTube Video I also installed an Amazon sourced all metal hot end brand unknown but this message came up before the replacement and after I cleaned the original hot end replace the nozzle with a .6 left the settings for the .4 replaced the hot end complete with a Creality branded hot end and then with the all metal hot end. Same message. Some thing I didn’t mention in my post is that I seem to get some skipping now using the same setting and filament. I have been using a temp of 210+ and reduced the feed rate a little which eliminates the skipping and the prints seem fine except the printinplace that I am printing for The Salvation Army Children’s Gift Baskets are welded tight and often break when I try to flex them. As far as me sending you setting I am new to this and have no idea where to find them and what they mean. Hope you can fin something out and I will try to send a photo.

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I am printing links for a cable chain right now and it is printing well. The message hasn’t shown up and the print is 50% done. As far as a photo to review the message the display screen is completely normal except for the message “purge extruder” and that is the exact message wording and spelling.

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Does the message appear during a filament change, such as when changing colours. Like if you have it set up in your slicer to do a colour change at layer x?

When the printer is free, try doing a simple calibration cube, prior to slicing (assuming your useing creality slicer which is a reskinned cura) there should be an extension option to “modify gcode” from there you can tell it to pause at layer and do a filament change.

Does the message give you any options? Like extrude more?

Seperate note, but i would reccommend doing a calibration, after a hotend change your flow rate, and temperatures may change a bit.


Here is a good calibration guide if your unsure.

Here is the crazy part. I printed several items and the Purge Extruder message came up every time. yesterday I changed Nothing Nothing except to print some drag chain links to check for fit and finish. The message never came up. I will print some different items today and see what happens. Thanks for the help I will keep you posted.

Possibly the firmware has been corrupted how about reinstalling it to see if it stops.

Have thought of that but my laptop running Win 10 doesn’t recognize the printer gives me an update usb serial port driver message but I can’t seem to find the update. Without the serial port No connection.

the driver issue is not a big one,

Here is some MS information on it should you want to see more of what you are getting into.

Here is the actual driver itself

Hope this helps, so far We will come back to the other issues just trying to get some connectivity first.

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Good morning. I have come to the decision that all 3d printers are designed and manufactured by Trolls to test the patience of man. Since I conversed with you last I did nothing I even tries to print the same gcode as last time and it printed well no skipping or Purge Extruder message. I will study what you have sent me but in the meantime I will continue to print toys for the Salvation Army. If the message comes back I will post.
Thanks for the help. Have a great Christmas stay safe and stay happy.

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HI @vernonmr

Please keep up dated if anything else changes. We will be here if you need us.

Make a post and let us know what you are doing for the salvation Army, we would love to hear about it.


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I live in a small town in Saskatchewan and the Salvation Army puts Christmas baskets for more needy families. I am learning to print so I thought printing some toys and trinkets for kids might
teach me something and perhaps bring some enjoyment to the kids. I have printed fidgets, statues, and a bunch of articulated print in place. All in all a lot of fun except for the crazies that happen to my printers.

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That’s awesome, Love to hear it. Don’t be shy, a plug for the good guys is a good thing.

We are here to help you when we can.


Everything was going well except for the odd failed print it seemed like I have to tram bed after every print so I ordered a CR Touch kit complete with brackets and cable instruction suck but I watched several videos. Jason didn’t you do a video on the CR Touch? I loaded the firmware for the 4.2.2 board and installed it and it is in Slovakian Now before everyone jumps in and says switch to English or download and Install the English version. This firmware was from the Creality site with No mention of Slovak or any language anywhere… If I can find the proper version I will forget about the Cr Touch and simply retram after a print.

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