Filament Explosion

Hey People,

I’ve got a reoccurring issue, where filament exits out the the top of the heat block, filling up around the fans.
Someone directed me to a video which mentions a lose connection threading in to the heat block. I have since repaired but it has come back a month later, worse.
A photo is attached but might be hard to see; black filament on black printer.

Any advice for a more permanent solution would be appreciated.

I can’t tell if that’s a direct-drive or all-metal hotend or not. On the assumption that it isn’t, the Bowden tube must be carefully cut at 90degrees and inserted all the way down to the nozzle or heat break (if it’s an “all metal” hotend). Similarly, the heat break itself must be threaded down far enough that it makes solid contact with the nozzle. The nozzle must also be tightened when hot as the heating of the heater block will cause the block to expand and can produce a tiny gap. It’s amazing what liquid filament under pressure will ooze into.

Lego has that right. Make certain everything is at 90º also the bowden tube is the right lengh and not too short.

I’ve never had to do this on my B1 but lots have and reported it works well.

the fellow who made that has some custom firmware and also a mechanical setup guide that will help you get the best out of the printer.

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make sure you filament is dry, it can absorb water over time out of thin air. This causes the filament to pop and crackle making for a stringy mess.

Thanks for the replies, everybody!
I’ll keep these in mind when I crack into my block of plastic.

That is a terrible mess, it looks like it is going to be filling much of the cavity behind the plastic shroud. It might be worth pricing a new extruder unit. Then if you damage something of take a long time cleaning this one you are still printing and have extra parts.