First Petg print

Printed temp tower for petg temp settings. They range from 260 to 220 deg with 5 deg increments. Bed temperature is 90deg.
Want to know what is best temperature from the picture of temp tower.

Here is better picture.

I would say second from the top.

90 bed is very high.
When I print PETG I print 225 -230 nozzle, 70 bed w/glue stick.

I don’t generally use bed temps too hot but some brands of petG I use more than 90. I have seen manufacturers recommend up to 110ºC on the bed.

I think the biggest issue with PETg is some printer manufacturers suggest low temps to keep the adhesion low so it will not damage the bed. I would also suggest lower bed temps and if you have adhesion increase the bed temp 5º at a time.

No cooling fan on the first 5 layers and you don’t need 100% cooling with Petg at all. 40-70% depending. It doesn’t like drafts much an enclosed printers helps. I print a fair bit of petg the softer plastic deforms before it breaks. It does flex before PLA breaks. Everyone uses ‘stronger’ but it is too difficult a term.

PLA is like glass it is brittle and will hold its shap until it shatters. PETg is like plexiglas it will bend and deform before it breaks. Good if it takes impact but bad if it need to link to something, It often ‘slips’