Heat Sink Fan Problem

I was having problem with nozzle clogs part way through my prints and discovered that the Heat Sink fan was not working. I bought a new fan from 3d Printing Canada but have not been unable to make it work When I got it home I saw that it was for an Ender 5 plus but since it was a 4010 24V fan for a Heat Sink I thought it should work.

The power coming from the control board for both the Heat Sink and the Part Cooling fans both work. Either one will run the old Part Cooling Fan. Neither one will run the new Heat Sink fan I just bought.

The only difference that I see is that the old fan was 24V .06A and the new fan was 24V .1A. Is this this difference in amperage enough to cause a problem or is it I possible that I have a new fan that is defective? I hope someone on the forum would have an idea of where I am going wrong. Note that I have an early Ender 5 pro with the Ver 1.1.5 control board if this plays a part in the problem.

I thought I’d better follow up on my original post since I eventually found the solution.
Jason tested the new fan on his shop ender 5 and the fan worked. Since the fan worked and my board was supplying power to the fan cable the only thing left was the connector between the two. It turns out the new fans have the polarity flipped from what is supplied by my Ver 1.1.5 board. I bought a new fan for part cooling as well and the same situation was true.
I don’t know why Creality dicided to flip the polarity on the newer Ender 5’s but they did. This is probably obscure problem but I thought I better post the solution just in case someone else ran into it.

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I just created an account on this website to tell you Thank you.
I had the same problem, the same situation, I was worried that something was wrong with the motherboard!
Thank you for writing this! May god bless you!