Hello from Grimstad, Norway!


Just got my Ender 3 S1 the other day and I’m having problems! :slight_smile: Actually I got a decent Benchy printed, but the the model that I have created myself is giving me some grief so here I am :slight_smile:

I’m not new to 3d printing, but no pro. A couple of years ago I got myself a “3DCUBE” printer. Proprietary filament (chipped counter, “unbreakable cassette”) and very loud! Eventually broke it trying to make it print non-3dcube brand filament and left 3d printing for a while.
Have been using the ones we have a work (Ultimaker and Prusa MK4), but decided to get my own.

The planned use is to 3d model and print my own stuff, different things for the house and enclosures for my electronic projects.

Can you post some pictures of the failure? That way, some of the geniuses here (definitely not me) can help.
I have to mention that my paternal grandparents came from Stadsbygd, near Trondheim. And there is a town in Norway, just a ways northeast of Oslo, that (I would guess) is named for(by?) our family!

Small world…… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve already got the pros working on it! :smiley: Im a bit unsure but my prints keep failing. I’m going to check for underextrusion as pointed out, does look like it. Strange Cura does not show this by default, I had to go into the menu and enable visibility of that option.

Small world indeed! Grimstad is located in the very south of Norway, but I’ve visited Trondheim once for work a couple of years ago.