Hello from the west end of Toronto

Hi, I am in the west end of Toronto. I started with 3D printing this past Christmas after receiving and Ender 3 as a gift. I am very much still learning and tinkering.

I have a quickly growing list of things to print, but so far I think my favourites are the Lego wreath and barfing baby yoda head toothpaste cap (both from Thingiverse).

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I’m not sure how I missed the Lego wreath, but thanks for pointing it out.

If you printed it because you’re a Lego fan, have you seen this one? (along with all the accessories)

On thingiverse, search for “lego toilet”

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I had, thanks for the reminder! I think I came across it at a time when the collections on Thingiverse weren’t working for me so it didn’t make it into one. It is now! My son will love it. I also have a coworker who is a HUGE lego fan (he reproduced the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto in Lego - it’s quite impressive). He may appreciate it as well. The xmas mod is great.

Welcome momewrath.

Fellow noob here. Strted printing about 3 months ago.

Here you will find a loot of cool people who like to help out.

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Nice to meet you @gondolin. I already have had lots of help! I was a bit late introducing myself and have already been posting my struggles. I missed this part of signing up somehow :wink:

Same here. Found out late about the «introduce yourself» topic several weeks after joining the board.

Check out Delta printers? post #19. Does your son know any of these people? I’m just wondering if that group still gets together in one form or another.

My son is only 7, so nope! He doesn’t know them :wink: I was just talking to someone the other day about finding him a local kids’ lego group though. Robotics would be cool too. Maybe not the same in today’s circumstances though :frowning:

I mis-read your earlier post - it was your co-worker that produced the CBC building. My bad.

No worries! I am pretty sure my coworker was at U of T for some grad school type program. Perhaps he was part of this group… it would have been some time ago for him as well.

Several of the group members were U of T students, but that was back at the turn of the century. (are we far enough into the century to be able to say that without sounding weird?)

It does make me feel old…