Help with my BIQU B1 please

Hi I have issues with my printer I won it at auction for 100 pounds have set it up but I think there issues are to do with the programing the first problem is the printer bit that holds the noozle keeps trying to run off the edge if I press the home button it trys to come off or if I do a print test the same thing happens the other issue is that the bed nor the noozle are heating up so the fillment isn’t come out at all it’s a BIQU B1 and I don’t have it connected to the internet yet any ideas on what could be happening or how I can fix it was an absolute bargain and am very excited to see it in action

HI, @Mrcheese welcome to the forum Glad you found us.

You have a multitude of issues going on there. Powering up and having the screen operational is at least a good sign.

Start with a couple of basics
Once the printer powers up, can you home the axis individually? Can you successfully do a home all?

Is it giving you any kind of errors? or just not doing what you request of it?
What do the current temps read on the screen just when you boot it up and let it sit for a moment?

Post up any pics or videos here and we will help you sort it out.
I know there are a few BiQU guys on here that will jump in on this.

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I get this error alot

That’s the temp as soon as I turn it on

For the home tests it z and Y but that’s it

If I ask it to print nothing happens at all if I try home X or all home it trys to come off the side
I’m very new can’t wait to see it working

Bum limit switch/disconnected limit switch on the x?

It’s in but my wiring may be Abit off because it didn’t come with instructions so had to work off a YouTube video

Can you use a multimeter to check the switch?

I don’t have one of them I could ask my dad if he’s got one but I wouldn’t be able to pick it up anytime soon

Right I’ve put it in simulator mode and the bed is heating up witch is a huge start also the light came on lol

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I can’t seem to put a video on here

Post to youtube and link it here. I havent posted a video myself but that method defidently works.

Thank for all the help guys here’s what keeps happening 3D printer not working - YouTube

its missing the X stop switch. Here’s a photo

That’s great thank you I have the little silver bit does it go back in easy

the piece off of the switch you mean? if it’s broken off the switch it will need to be replaced, I need a few myself.

Nope it’s fixed thank you I now have to level the bed because this just happened then it should be good to go

Ok. So far so good. Z-offset setting time.

After you go through the bl-touch malarkey, manually lower the bed until you feel friction on a piece of paper.
Save to eprom

ok. Here is a good guide for you to check everything from a pretty experienced guy

After your z offset is saved, you will still need to adjust the height for different spools, or different moon cycles, and other mysterious reasons. That’s what your babystep feature is for.

also, see you don’t have a level sensor on it so you can actually turn off all in the menus and it will stop trying to load a mesh when it starts that’s what the bed leveling failure error is