Hemera Upgrade (Following Tutorial -- Got Stuck)

Hi! I’m following the Hemera Ender 5 Plus tutorial, but I’ve gotten stuck with the Visual Studio Code part. When they go to build, they have a menu I don’t have and can’t figure out how to get. I’m a bit coding ignorant, so I assume it’s some simple thing I’m missing, but I really can’t figure it out.



Any help would be welcome.

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us

I’m pretty sure you just need to click on the highlight in my response and you should have the same screen, Funny I am setting up a new laptop and just about to install VScode and configure it.

I will

update if I see anything different.

Clicking “PIO Home,” if that’s what you’re talking about, just collapses that menu. I’m looking for the menu that includes “Build.”

Sorry you are correct, The one below “open” gives you the actual screen for PIO on the right, However if you want to build click the checkmark at the bottom of the screen circled in Yellow

Also if you do not want to deal with the configuration of the environment install the plugin “marlin autobuild”

I find it helps a lot with the configuration of different boards.

Ooh. Thank you.

So instead of the checkmark, I had an error. Here’s what that looks like, if you can help:

I got the Marlin Auto Build

Is this correct when you build?

No. There was an error in the PlatformIO build.

Thanks! The error is in the screenshot before that one. I don’t know how to fix my includePath. I don’t know what that is.

(I am coding ignorant)

What controller are you using?

The problem with putting up videos showing how to configure Marlin is that the Marlin base code (including the configuration files) and VSC change surprisingly often and the video instructions can turn out to be hard to follow or reference views that you won’t get. Sorry @Jason, I’m not trying to put your hard work down.

I presume there is an Ender 5 GitHub repository that you got the code you’re using? Have you looked there for build instructions (usually kept reasonably up to date)? At the very least, there should be members there that support the code that can answer your questions/point you in the right direction for getting the build to run successfully.

I don’t know. I grabbed VSC and Marlin and Platform.io from these links How to Install an E3D Hemera on a Creality Ender 5 Plus - YouTube

and then I went through and made the changes along with him.

Can I suggest that you spend some time on Google looking for prebuilt firmware?

I really can’t help you because I don’t know what controller you’re using and what are the modifications you’ve done (ie adding a BL Touch).

In just a few minutes, I found some hopefully promising links:

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Until now (and actually still, since I haven’t flashed it), I’m using the preinstalled everything, from factory. This is the first modification I’m doing myself, if that helps.

Ender 5 Plus, purchased October 2020.

HI @CrashOpossum, I would tend to agree with Myke, Prebuilt firmware is an easier way to go but if you are up for the adventure I’m here with ya.

The first rule when you are building any firmware is to build it before you make any changes, It’s just to verify the integrity of the install and firmware source. chasing down the error messages can be a bit of a nightmare.

I know it’s going to be a long post but can you copy the contents of the terminal window and either post it here or PM it to me so I can have a look. As it sits right now looks like the board selection is either off or you have a conflict in selections.

Hi Jason,

Could I suggest that you go through the process first and pass that along to @CrashOpossum?

I think that things would be easier and less work if he started from scratch with a guide to setting up with the latest version of Marlin for the controller?

Hopefully this will be less work in the long run.

HI Myke

I can see where you are coming from, I try to be very careful with firmware. It’s such an easy thing to mess up. I will gladly help point in the right direction and get set up, and troubleshoot compile errors but the actual changes in the firmware need to be done by the user creating the firmware.

I very much will shy away from providing config files or compiling firmware without the printer to test for all safety features.

Chriss basement has a really good tutorial on initial setup, I actually use it to double-check what I am doing: slight_smile:

Hi Jason!

So let me know if this is what you’re saying:
Is there an entire step before what is shown in your tutorial video for setup of the firmware?

I would totally follow Myke’s advice, but I literally do not know what I’m looking for.

Here is what Terminal spit out when I clicked the checkmark.

> Executing task: C:\Users\Christopher\.platformio\penv\Scripts\platformio.exe run <

Error: Unknown environment names 'megaatmega2560'. Valid names are '10SProV2_UBL_ME, S4_BLT_AC_UBL, Ender5, S5_MC, MightyBoard2560, Ender3Max_422_LR, LERDGEX, E5P_UBL_DZH, CR30, Ender3_422_BLT, mks_monster8_usb_flash_drive_msc, Ender5Pro_427_BLT, simulator_linux_debug, melzi_optiboot, Ender4_MC, Ender2_ME, Ender6, S4_BLT_UBL_NF_LR, Ender3Max_427_LR, CR10Max_UBL_ME, jgaurora_a5s_a1, Ender3V2_BLT_ZM, Ender6_BLT_ZM, Ender3Max_422_BLT, BIGTREE_GTR_V1_0_usb_flash_drive, STM32F103RC_creality_maple, CR10_BLT_SD_MC_NF, chitu_v5_gpio_init, simulator_linux_release, Ender3V2_BLT_SKRT, S4_BLT_MC_NF, E5P_BIL_DZ_ME, mega1280, mks_robin_mini, S4_ME_NF, Ender7_BLT_ZM, STM32F103VE_ZM3E4V2_USB, Ender3V2_427_BLT_LR, include_tree, MightyBoard1280, STM32F103VE_longer, mks_robin_nano_v3_1, S4_BLT_AC_UBL_MC, S5_BLT_LR, STM32F103RE_btt_USB, mks_monster8_usb_flash_drive, CR6Max_452, S4_BLT_AC_MC_NF, BIGTREE_SKR_2_USB, S5_NF, STM32F103VE_longer_maple, LERDGEX_usb_flash_drive, Ender3_BLT_SD_ME, STM32F103RET6_creality, Ender5Pro_427_LR, DUE_archim, Ender5_BLT_SD, E5P_BIL_Slnt_ME, S5_BLT_AC_UBL_ME, SermoonD1_BLT_ZM, STM32F103RE_creality, Ender4_ME, Ender3_ME, BIGTREE_SKR_2_USB_debug, S4_BLT_AC_UBL_ME, BIGTREE_SKR_2_F429, E5P_BIL_DZ, S5_ME, Ender3Max_427_BLT, mks_robin_pro, FYSETC_S6, CR10S_BLT_UBL, Ender3V2_BLT_ZM_LR, sanguino1284p_optimized, teensy41, Ender4_BLT_MC, FLY_MINI, melzi_optimized, 10SProV2_BIL, Ender4_BLT_ME, CR10S_ME, STM32G0B1RE_btt, S5_BLT_UBL_ME_NF, Ender3_427_BLT_ZM, BIGTREE_OCTOPUS_PRO_V1_F429_USB, mks_eagle, S4_BLT_AC_ME_NF, Ender4_BLT_UBL_ME, CR10V2_UBL_ME_NF, CR10V2_ME, S4_AC_NF, E5P_BIL_Slnt_MC, CR10Max_BIL_ME, S4_BLT_ME, S5_BLT_AC_UBL_ME_NF, CR10V2_UBL_MC, SermoonD1_BLT, CR10S_BLT_MC, E5PUBLSlntDZ_ME, CRX_BLT_BIL_Fil_ME, mingda_mpx_arm_mini, S4_BLT_UBL_LR, CR6_452, CR10Max_BIL_MC, Ender3V2_BLT_LR, Ender3_BLT_Host_ME, Ender3_427_LR, CR10S_BLT_NF_LR, Ender3Max_427, S4_AC_MC_NF, TH3D_EZBoard_V2, S5_BLT_AC_LR, S5_AC_ME, STM32F103RC_ZM3E2_USB_maple, STM32F103RC_btt_maple, Ender4, simulator_macos_release, CR10S_NF_LR, ARMED, mks_robin_e3p, STM32F103RC_btt_USB, CR10Max_UBL, S4_MC, 10SPro_UBL_ME, DUE_USB, FYSETC_S6_8000, LERDGEK_usb_flash_drive, mks_robin_nano_v3, 10SPro_BLT_UBL_MC, Ender5Pro_422_BLT_ZM, S5_BLT_AC_MC, CR20_BLT_ME, S4_BLT_NF_LR, CR10S_BLT_UBL_ME, Ender3V2_SKRT, CR20_BLT_UBL, S4_BLT_MC, CRX_BLT_UBL_Fil, S4_AC_MC, CR20_LR, CR10S, E5P_BIL_ME, Ender5_BLT_Host_ME, STM32F103RC_fysetc_maple, 10SProBLTUBLEncMC, S4_BLT_NF, CR10S_LR, rumba32, mks_robin_pro2, 
STM32F401RC_creality, S5_AC_NF, CR10V2_BLT_UBL, CRXPro_UBL_Fil, S4_BLT_ME_NF, CR10Max_BIL, CR20_MC, E5P_UBL_DZ, Ender2_BLT_SD_MC, STM32F103ZE, E5PBILSlntDZ, SAMD51_grandcentral_m4, 10SProV2_UBL_MC, CRXPro_UBL_Fil_MC, CR10V2_UBL_MC_NF, CRX_BLT_BIL_Fil_MC, S4_NF_LR, CR10V2_UBL_ME, trigorilla_pro, Ender3, STM32F103RC_btt_512K_USB, Index_Mobo_Rev03, S4_AC_NF_LR, CR10_BLT_Host, CR10S_BLT_UBL_MC_NF, E5P_BIL_DZH, CR10_BLT_SD_ME, teensy20, CR20, Ender3V2, CR10V2_BLT_UBL_MC, BTT_SKR_SE_BX, E5P_BIL_Slnt, CR10V2, S4_BLT_AC_MC, CRXPro_BILNoFilME, CR20_Pro_UBL_ME, CR10S_BLT_MC_NF, Ender3_422_BLT_ZM_LR, Ender3Max_427_BLT_ZM, Ender3_MC, CRXPro_UBL_NoFil, S4, CR10V2_BLT_UBL_ME_NF, Ender5Pro_422_BLT_LR, CR10S_BLT_UBL_MC, BIGTREE_OCTOPUS_PRO_V1_F429, CR10_BLT_SD, mks_robin_pro_maple, S5_AC_MC, BIGTREE_SKR_PRO_usb_flash_drive, CR10V2_UBL, 
STM32F103VC_ZM3E4_USB_maple, CR6Max_453, S4_BLT_AC_NF_LR, S5_AC_ME_NF, CRX_BLT_UBLNoFilMC, CRX_Fil_MC, S5_BLT_AC_UBL_LR, E5P_BIL_MC, S4_BLT_AC_UBL_NF, S4_BLT_UBL_MC_NF, at90usb1286_dfu, CR10Mini_BLT_SD_MC, CR10_BLT_Host_ME, STM32F103CB_malyan, CR10Mini_BLT_SD, STM32F103RC_maple, BIGTREE_OCTOPUS_V1_USB, 10SPro_BIL_ME, CRXPro_UBL_Fil_ME, mks_robin_nano_v3_1_usb_flash_drive_msc, 10SPro_BLT_BIL, Ender5Pro_422_LR, 10SPro_BIL_MC, FYSETC_CHEETAH_V20, E5P_UBL_MC, FLY_MINI_maple, CR10S_BLT_UBL_NF, CR10V2_ME_NF, E5PUBLSlntDZ, Ender5Pro_427, Ender5_BLT_SD_MC, CR5Pro, S4_BLT_UBL_ME_NF, Ender5_BLT_Host_MC, Ender6_BLT, STM32F103VE_ZM3E4V2_USB_maple, CR20_BLT_UBL_MC, CR10V2_BLT_UBL_NF, S5_BLT_MC, Ender7_BLT, Ender5Pro_422_BLT, CR10Max_UBL_MC, CR10S_BLT_ME, STM32F103RE_btt_USB_maple, teensy36, S5, STM32F103RC_btt_USB_maple, mks_monster8, S5_BLT_AC_NF_LR, ERYONE_ERY32_MINI_maple, S4_BLT_AC_UBL_NF_LR, teensy31, Ender2Pro, CR6Max_LGX_452, CR10_BLT_Host_MC_NF, S5_BLT_UBL_NF, mks_robin_lite3, CR10V2_BLT_UBL_MC_NF, CRXPro_BIL_NoFil, BIGTREE_SKR_2, CR20_BLT_UBL_LR, Ender3_422, E5P_UBL_Slnt_MC, CRX_BLT_BIL_NoFil, CR10, S5_BLT_UBL_MC_NF, CRX_BLT_UBL_Fil_ME, Ender3Max_422, melzi_optiboot_optimized, E5P_UBL, S5_BLT_ME, simulator_windows, S4_BLT_UBL_ME, S4_BLT_LR, CR10V2_BLT_UBL_ME, CRX_NoFil_MC, Ender7, flsun_hispeedv1, Ender2_BLT_SD_ME, CR10Smart, Ender3_422_BLT_LR, mks_eagle_usb_flash_drive_msc, REMRAM_V1, jgaurora_a5s_a1_maple, CRXPro_BIL_Fil_ME, malyan_M300, S5_BLT_UBL, S5_BLT_AC_UBL_MC, CR10_MC_NF, Anet_ET4_OpenBLT, S4_BLT_AC, CR10MiniBLTHostMC, Ender2Pro_BLT, E5P_BIL_SlntH, 10SPro_BIL, PANDA, CR10S_BLT_NF, Ender2_BLT_SD, Ender5Pro_422, S4_AC_LR, CR10_ME, CRX_Fil, esp32, S5_BLT_AC_UBL_NF_LR, S5_BLT_AC_MC_NF, CR10Mini, LPC1769, S5_NF_LR, S5_MC_NF, mks_robin_e3_maple, CRX_NoFil_ME, S4_LR, mks_robin_mini_maple, S4_BLT_UBL_MC, 10SPro_UBL, S5_BLT_ME_NF, STM32F103RC_btt_512K_USB_maple, CR20_Pro_ME, mks_robin_maple, Ender3V2_427_LR, S5_AC, CR10V2_BLT_MC, Ender3Max_422_BLT_ZM_LR, mks_robin_nano_v3_1_usb_flash_drive, CR10V2_NF, E5P_UBL_DZ_MC, S5_BLT_AC_UBL_MC_NF, Ender3V2_427, CR6_LGX_452, LERDGES_usb_flash_drive, chitu_f103, 10SProV2_BIL_ME, 10SPro_BLT_UBL_ME, E5P_UBL_Slnt_ME, Ender3Max_422_BLT_LR, Ender3S1F4, LERDGEK, CR10V3, CR6_LGX_453, CR10MiniBLTHostME, E5P_UBLH, Ender5Pro_427_BLT_ZM_LR, CR2020, S5_BLT_MC_NF, STM32F103VE, mks_robin_e3p_maple, CR10Mini_ME, E5PUBLSlntDZ_MC, CRX_BLT_UBL_Fil_MC, S5_BLT_NF_LR, E5PUBLSlntDZH, STM32F103RC_btt_512K_maple, S5_BLT_UBL_MC, STM32F103RE_maple, BIGTREE_BTT002, SermoonD1, S5_BLT_NF, LPC1768, CR10_BLT_Host_MC, Ender3S1, STM32F103RC_meeb, 10SPro_UBL_MC, STM32F103RC_btt, Ender4_BLT, E5PBILSlntDZ_MC, CR20_BLT_LR, S4_BLT_AC_LR, S4_AC, linux_native, STM32F070RB_malyan, STM32F103RC_creality_xfer, mega2560, Ender3_BLT_SD, CR6Max_LGX_453, S5_BLT_UBL_LR, CR5Pro_BLT, BIGTREE_SKR_2_F429_USB, Ender3Max_422_BLT_ZM, S4_MC_NF, STM32F401RC_creality_stlink, Ender3_427_BLT_LR, CR6_453, CR10Mini_MC, CR10S_BLT_LR, STM32F103CB_malyan_maple, CRX_NoFil, CR10V2_MC_NF, Ender2_BLT_Host, mks_eagle_usb_flash_drive, CRX_BLT_UBL_NoFil, E5P_UBL_DZ_ME, at90usb1286_cdc, CR20_Pro, Ender3_BLT_Host_MC, CR20_ME, Ender2_MC, S5_BLT_UBL_NF_LR, Ender3_BLT_SD_MC, STM32F401VE_STEVAL, mks_robin, CR10_BLT_SD_MC, S5_BLT_AC_NF, STM32F407VE_black, STM32F103RC_creality, mks_robin_e3, E5PBILSlntDZ_ME, S5_BLT, STM32F103RE, S4_BLT_AC_ME, mks_robin_lite, STM32F103RET6_creality_maple, CR10SmartPro, melzi, S5_BLT_UBL_ME, sanguino644p, Artillery_Ruby, mks_robin_nano35, Ender2, S4_BLT_AC_UBL_ME_NF, E5P_BIL, CR10Mini_BLT_SD_ME, CRXPro_UBLNoFilME, Ender3_427, Ender3_BLT_Host, CR10V2_MC, sanguino1284p, Ender3V2_BLT, S4_NF, 10SProV2_BIL_MC, FLYF407ZG, S5_ME_NF, trigorilla_pro_maple, Ender3Max_427_BLT_ZM_LR, Ender5_BLT_Host, STM32F103VE_GTM32, CR10S_ME_NF, CR20_Pro_UBL, BIGTREE_GTR_V1_0, S4_BLT_AC_UBL_MC_NF, CR10S_BLT_UBL_ME_NF, STM32F103RE_btt, 10SPro_BLT_BIL_ME, CR20_Pro_UBL_MC, BIGTREE_BTT002_VET6, BIGTREE_SKR_PRO, CR10S_BLT, CRXPro_BILNoFilMC, Ender3_422_BLT_ZM, simulator_macos_debug, BIGTREE_E3_RRF, 10SPro_BLT_BIL_MC, S5_LR, Ender2_BLT_Host_ME, S4_BLT_UBL, mks_robin_lite_maple, mks_robin_nano_v1_3_f4, Ender5Pro_422_BLT_ZM_LR, S5_BLT_AC_ME_NF, S5_BLT_AC_UBL, BIGTREE_OCTOPUS_V1, CR20_BLT_UBL_ME, CR20_Pro_LR, CR10V2_BLT_ME_NF, Ender3_SKRT, mks_robin_nano_v3_usb_flash_drive, CRX_BLT_BIL_Fil, Ender3V2_427_BLT_ZM, CRX_Fil_ME, STM32F103RC_ZM3E2_USB, CRXPro_BIL_Fil_MC, Ender3Max_427_BLT_LR, CRXPro_BIL_Fil, CR10S_MC_NF, S5_BLT_AC_ME, Ender5_BLT_SD_ME, E5P_UBL_ME, STM32F401RC_creality_jlink, CR10V2_BLT_ME, FYSETC_E4, CRXPro_UBLNoFilMC, S4_BLT_AC_NF, mks_robin_nano35_maple, 10SPro_BLT_UBL, Ender3V2_427_BLT, S5_AC_NF_LR, S4_AC_ME_NF, STM32F070CB_malyan, NUCLEO_F767ZI, STM32F103RET6_creality_xfer, Ender3_BLT_SKRT, CR10S_BLT_UBL_NF_LR, STM32F103RC_btt_512K, E5PBILSlntDZH, S5_BLT_AC, S4_BLT, STM32F103VC_ZM3E4_USB, CR10V2_BLT_NF, Ender3_422_LR, STM32F103RC_fysetc, CR20_BLT, Ender3V2_427_BLT_ZM_LR, CR10Mini_BLT_Host, 10SPro_BLT_UBL_Enc, FYSETC_F6, E5P_UBL_SlntH, mega2560ext, CR10V2_BLT, CRX_BLT_BILNoFilMC, Ender3_427_BLT, STM32F103RE_creality_xfer, 10SPro_BLTUBLEncME, LERDGES, S5_AC_MC_NF, Ender2_BLT_Host_MC, CRX_BLTBILNoFilME, Ender3_Host, Ender3_427_BLT_ZM_LR, chitu_f103_maple, PANDA_PI_V29, DUE, S4_BLT_AC_UBL_LR, S5_AC_LR, Ender4_BLT_UBL, CR20_Pro_MC, Ender4_BLT_UBL_MC, S5_BLT_AC_UBL_NF, S4_AC_ME, CRX_BLTUBLNoFilME, mks_robin_lite3_maple, CR20_BLT_MC, CR10V2_UBL_NF, 
Ender5_MC, chitu_v5_gpio_init_maple, mks_tinybee, S4_ME, CR10S_MC, Ender5Pro_427_BLT_LR, STM32F103RE_creality_smartPro_maple, E5P_BILH, mks_robin_nano_v3_usb_flash_drive_msc, 10SProV2_UBL, teensy35, BIGTREE_SKR_2_F429_USB_debug, Ender5Pro_427_BLT_ZM, CR10S_NF, STM32F103RE_btt_maple, CR10V2_BLT_MC_NF, CR10S_BLT_ME_NF, E5P_UBL_Slnt, E5P_BIL_DZ_MC, rambo, CR20_Pro_UBL_LR, S4_BLT_UBL_NF, STM32F103RE_creality_maple, CR10_MC, Ender3V2_LR, Ender5_ME'
The terminal process "C:\Users\Christopher\.platformio\penv\Scripts\platformio.exe 'run'" terminated with exit code: 1.

Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.

Looks like the megaatmega2560 is wrong. Should I use Ender5_BLT_Host or Ender5_BLT_SD?

You’re not setting up the controller’s processor in VSC.

You might want to take a look at the following as they are using the mega2560:

from what I can see Marlin 2.X will refer to the board from the following

// @section machine

// Choose the name from boards.h that matches your setup
#define X_MAX_PIN 3 // creality connects X_MAX switch to X_MIN(_PIN) motherbard connector
#define Y_MAX_PIN 14 // creality connects Y_MAX switch to Y_MIN(_PIN) motherbard connector

it gives you the name of the board and the ref pins file to configure it.

If you are going to build just a vanilla build get this configuration
\Configurations-release-\config\examples\Creality\Ender-5 Plus*

These will give you the configuration.h, configuration_adv.h, if it builds with these 2 files you only need to go back and change the e-steps for the hemerra.