House brand PETG issue?

Weak and brittle prints with house brand PETG

4 walls, top/bottom/sides
20% infill
225c 80bed

Two different colours both fail and split along layer lines and perpendicular on two different printers.

If I print the same parts in PLA they are stronger, is it me the machines or the material? ( I bought like 8 different colour spools and the two I’ve tried have given me the same problems… )

I print exclusively with PETG, and a lot of it is 3DPrintingCanada brand.

225 seems low to me. After running several temp towers and retraction tests, I run 250 / 80 and I have no delamination issues at all.

If you have not already done so, I would try a temp tower and see how it looks after that.

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I was chasing downdown this wierd lines issue and ended up lowering the temp from 240 print by print after I found 5mm retraction to work well on my anycubic Mega Pro.

I did the techingtech temp tower after I opened the roll, 250-210 and they all looked pretty good. Can post a photo later today.

Lowering the temp and upping the retraction prime got me a better looking print

Still working on the line start on this replacement flashlight base I drew up in fusion, not sure what’s going on there, when I just print the middle of the model it looks good, printing the whole thing does that.


What are you cooling settings? For mine, I print 25% cooling starting at the second layer.

FYI - I have a Sovol SV01 with a E3D V6 full metal hotend - so my temps have been testing higher since I put that in.


It’s set to 50% max in Cura, I tried 20 or 40 I don’t remember which and the fan never came on at all, the print was garbage, the outer walls of the overhangs were mush. 50% looks like it’s cooling enough for it to hold shape.

I have clear red PETG from 3Dpc and it does the same when it’s wet. I make it spend 6 hours in the dryer and it comes out much better I print it at 235/75

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The lines or being weak?

Won’t be impressed having to buy a dryer just to run off their filament…

Both. weak ugly prints. I just used the oven on low the first few times and kept them in tubs with desiccant after drying them. I commandeered the kitchen food dehydrator since then and if I have any issues with any filament I try the dryer first before anything else. I’m quickly moving towards drying everything anyway before printing then ultimately having the filament stay in their dry boxes while printing.

3Dpc didn’t likely ship you the water. Here is some black CF I was trying to get working

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Good points.

My humidity is around 33% (I keep my printers in the basement). I have not had to dry any of my 3DPC PETG filaments yet and I print consumer (Etsy) items so they have to look good :slight_smile:

PETG is hygroscopic so if they are in a higher humidity location you will want to dry them out. I got a food dehydrator off Marketplace for $25 and use it for nylon and other filaments.

250 at the bottom 210 at the top

My printers are downstairs, the thermostat says humidity is 43 for the whole house

if you bend it where does it break ?

just for curiosity, what do you have your fan settings at for printing with PetG?

Is the temp tower weak at the layer lines as well or is it pretty solid? It looks good but cannot tell about the layer adhesion.

This tower was done before I started playing with the fan speed

I’ll have to run another with it at 50% where I’m current at

I personally run my fan very low to off with PETG. and raise the temp a bit, Its usually pretty stable. If its a bad roll we can deal with that at the store level. we want you to be happy with what you purchase.

Not sure how familiar you are with Cura, but that’s what I’m using (v4.9) as my slicer. Would turning off the fan completely and enabling smart bridging or whatever it’s called in the experimental section be something to test?

I used a roll of this with my pla profile just upped the temps and had good results making the print in place wiggly octopus and the Cali cat

So i don’t know if it’s me or the material.

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PETG does have to be printed hotter, but I would for sure try with no fan, Just run a single wall cube, you will tell pretty quick if your right.

Do you have a model or just have to find something from thingiverse?

Sure I have a link

Best is to use the first one or the 3rd one,
First one is a single thick wall box, 3rd one is a tower


Bed temperature (deg C): 80

Select part cooling fan behaviour: 50


Retraction distance (mm): Retraction speed (mm/sec): Extra restart distance (mm): 6

Hot end temperature

|E|| 210
|D|| 220
|C|| 230
|B|| 240
|A|| 250
|First layer|| 250