How many hours per week is your 3d printer running?

How many hours per week is your 3d printer running?

Resin or Filament?

What’s it printing mostly?

Ender 3 Pro modified was running for 3 months steady 24/7 one print after the other, a few KG later!!! LOL
Mostly ESun PLA+ Filament
Christmas deco and some gift for the family, drone parts, accessories for the house and the printer.

my Prusa I3 MKS has been printing 24/7 since January 9th/10th… working on project that required 8 spools of filament… 5 spools done, 3 remaining… i calculated 34-35 days to finish my current project.
only had 2 failed prints. and i lost a day to replace my bed thermistor
so i can complain much… very solid printer :grinning:

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lately I’ve been going at it non stop, at least for the past few weeks anyway. I’m making helmets for my son at the moment. Master Chief and Mando, I’ll probably make a Mando helmet for myself as well and heck, while I’m at it why not some Bo-Katan helmets for the rest of the family lol.

Before this I would average about 20-30 hours a week.

So far everything has been PLA but I do have some PETG for a Dremel CNC project I want to make this spring.


depends on the week, i would have to say average per printer, 20 Hrs per week, some run idle others are 24/7.

Just installed Octoprint on my S5 and I’m running a week long print.

I tend to run about 60 hours a week, although not all the time (but often). I run it on workdays primarily when i’m working + some extra between “work day has ended, but not near bedtime”.

I’m currently printing D&D / and related model stuff - terrain, miniatures to paint. I’m currently working on a Trireme print (Trireme Print Log) and generally try to get anywhere from 10-14 hours a day printing on it.

After this, I have some 28mm historical minis I’d like to print (Rome, Britain, Gaul…) - I’ll likely start with Roman soldiers and post them on my trireme when finished - while it’s technically styled like a Greek trireme, I think it’ll be close enough to count.

my prusa I3 Mk3 has been printing non-stop…working on building organizing boxes for an automotive store in southern ontario… Building about 10,000 boxes…

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