How to avoid stringing

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Thank you for sharing this! It’s such a great resource to explain several of the Cura settings. I’m bookmarking it so I can re-watch in the future, as there’s lots of great info in here. Thank you!

DrVax is one of my favorites. He is a good teacher.


What are your retraction settings for PETG with an all-metal hotend to avoid stringing?

Is it a direct drive or tube? The all metal makes little difference really. It’s been a while since watching that video but a worn nozzle can exasperate the stringing as well. I use for a direct drive (all metal) 0.8mm with a 0.4 z lift and retraction speed of 35mm/s

PTFE tube. Bowden tube from filament roll to hot end.

My retraction speed right now is 100mm/s…still some stringing in the retract test but now it is very thin and just leaning off the main structures, as opposed to all over the place.

@Derrick not clear is this a direct drive? What is the retraction distance?

Not a direct drive. Retraction distance is 3.75mm.

BTW…I picked the settings that cut stringing on my retract test to just thin threads, and printed a Nimitz benchy, which came out fine except for very thin threads underneath the archways.

Ok so lets guess that there is some movement at the Bowden tube coupler (1-2 mm). I would try a retraction around 5-6 mm a 100mm/s is really fast. I’d reduce that to 40mm or 30 mm/s.

Also is your nozzle really worn? Have you been printing abrasives? Glow in the dark, carbon fibre, fills?

One of the mod did magic for me…i used same settings but i installed direct drive on my cr10 v2 and its amazing no issues at all. Very micro fine string but as soon as i touch with my hand its gone.