I created a parametric box you can modify to suit your needs


thats awesome I found one I was going to make it so I could modify like this for different tools.

Ooh! That’s very cool.

that is cool, i know what I’m doing on the modix next

Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place, but I don’t see the Fusion 360 file, here, Thingiverse, Reddit? thnx

Ah! found it on Thingiverse…

LOL, I found it too

Jason H

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Ze box, she is printing!..

I have quite a few models on Thingiverse.
The last time I tried uploading a file to Thingiverse, it said the max file size was 500 KB. It didn’t used to be. I have files much larger than this on there.
Needless to say, I didn’t upload it. I uploaded it to prusaprinters.org with no problem.
Did they change this recently? I see that yours is more than 500 KB.

Nice one. Very cool gif.

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I think that the 500kb is for Image files and attachment files but the STL files load ok, it did for me.

The image files were all less than 500kb.
It was the .stl’s that were WAY larger than that.
Maybe it was just a fluke.
This is what I was trying to post >> PrusaPrinters

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I’ve been watching your printer for hours now, and it still hasn’t finished the first layer. :laughing:

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Yeah, well, funny thing, it failed overnight, so it’s reprinting, and is pretty much at the same place now…again…

Ta-Da! Cell Phone Case, uh, Case! Second order Cell Phone Case maybe…
80 X 160 X 25mm inside.
TPU seal to come.
@chris thanks for the build file!


That’s great! turned out really nice How long did it take for you to print ?

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Well, 2.5 hours, 0.25mm. but I had trouble with ironing the big flat surfaces, either this new roll of Salata 850 doesn’t like ironing for so long, or just my settings don’t, but my extruder chewed out the filament, so I had to start over without the ironing.

Ironing, is in the Prusa slicer? I’ve downloaded it but haven’t tried it. maybe now I will now that I can get things sticking to my bed heh. I don’t think I’ve printed anything with thick layer height. It sure affects the time for printing things.

Yeah, just gotta watch the overhang with the larger layer height and no scaffolding. Like you can get away with no scaffold if your layer height is smaller than if it’s larger.
I have a 0.8mm nozzle I use for wood PLA(so it doesn’t clog with sawdust). Drop 0.6mm lines like it’s payday in the Oil Patch…

Thats good to know about the nozzle size. Are there other parameters to change when you go to a bigger nozzle? I want to print the wood filament too.