Initial Launch Rewards: First 50 users in the Member Introductions - Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our first 50 Member Introduction/Post winners!


$10 Gift Cards to 3D Printing Canada’s website have been issued to you via email!


woohoo thank you! New filament for this guy!


Amazing! I’m very happy to receive that. I look forward to your value/standard restock where I’ll certainly be making use of this as I load up!

Thank you!


Thanks so much! The forum does have a nice modern feel to and the makers in here are pretty cool too!


Now I’ll have to figure out what to spend it on.



Due for bearings, too bad you don’t have Misumi.

Thank you!
Now I can say I “earned money” from my 3D printer!


Who has 100 thumbs and love 3D printing… These People…


Thank you very much!
Congrats to all the other recipients! :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks will be using it soon :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the winners! I may not be part of the lucky first to join but i can still win another month.

Best of luck to everyone!

Congrats everyone! Spend it wisely :innocent:

Wow thank you @chris

Thanks for that. Just in time for more filament.

Congrats everybody!!!

Way to go! Congrats to all who won & thank you 3D Printing Canada for building this sweet enthusiastic 3D printing community :slight_smile:

Misumi isn’t a brand like SKF or Torrington they are just a dealer.

Where do they get their bearings?
In this case are they actually any better than the $1.50 LMUU8?
Be cool to cut out the middleman and go to the source!

No doubt they use quality bearings because they are also selling assemblies, but probably no better than NtN or someone like that at least for these 6000 series bearings. If want premium call someone like BDI or Canadian bearings and ask for Skf, they will also have Japanese brands a lite cheaper.

Tried, places don’t want to sell 6 or 10 bearings. Says they are wholesale. Would have to buy 1000s of pcs. This is where 3dprintingcanada could shine