Is hairspray a good bed adhesive?

The results are mixed; however, hairspray is flammable and is NOT recommended when using it with a machine that produces heat.

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I use exclusively hairspray and it works great. When dry it isn’t really a fire hazard I don’t think, I’ve been printing with it for years. Eventually though you need to take the whole bed off and wash it so I do recommend a glass or mirror bed if using hairspray.

I generally clean my bed with 70 Isopropyl once every few prints and it solves most of my adhesion issues

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I’ve see raves for it for years. Personally I use a small spray bottle filled with acetone and about 50cm of abs filament. This works well will ABS, PLA, or PETG for bed adhesion. It basically never fails me.


Heat from your machine is not likely a problem for hairspray flammability. None of my machines produce open flames…yet. :boom:

I am a PVA gluestick fan however.


I haven’t had to use anything additional with the glass bed that came on my Ender 3 v2. Just had to make sure it was clean first! The coating really makes a difference, but the initial glue from packing is a pain to get off.

Hairspray while flammable, is not likely to combust when used as a bed coating.

Spray your bed lightly with the temps down and wait for it to dry.

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I’ve been using Elmer’s glue stick from the dollar store and its awesome


I have never used hairspray but when you use an enclosure, things dont warp or lift as easy

I’ve been testing out Visionminer on a glass bed and so far it has worked the best out of all the other methods I have tried.

I clean my bed before each print with 99% IPA. If i need some extra stick I use elmers school purple glue stick the wipe with a wet towelet to spread evenly.

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I use BIC glue stick, put on when bed reaches 60°C goes on well, to remove put bed in hot water for 1 hr, parts come off easily, wash parts and bed in hot water, no chemicals, bed clean.

I’ve skipped the glue and hairspray and moved right on to Wham Bam Flexible Build Systems. Checkout a video on how it works here:

I use the Creality glass bed that came with my Ender 3V2. I tried glue sticks but I didn’t like the residue and marks it left behind. Friend turned me onto Magigoo and I only apply it once every 20 or so prints.

It lasts forever. The one I grabbed for PLA seems to be out of stock ($23.00)


I’ve never used hairspray before but have tried many options for bed adhesion (gluestick, painters tape, Magigoo to name a few) and the best option I’ve come to is using nothing and making sure your bed is clean and level and Z offset is correct. I use Isopropyl alcohol to clean the bed on all my printers and rarely have adhesion issue.

Good luck!

I’ve always been amazed at the folks that can get prints to stick to bare glass. Even with IPA cleaning I was never able to get a print to stick or stick well.

I use the Prusa PEI build plate. What works best for me is complete wash with soap and warm water and a soft brush to thoroughly clean the surface. After that is done, I lightly coat the surface with the glue stick in multiple directions, then follow up with 99% IPA and Kim Wipe to spread it around evenly. Keep your greasy fingers from touching the bed, you can easily print multiple times on this surface. This works for all filaments except TPE. For TPE I lay down clear Scotch packing tape and do a quick wipe with IPA to remove any finger oil. I don’t normally adjust the live Z, but instead change the first layer from 0.2 to 0.3mm. So far, no issues with adhesion.

We are using the DustnPrint, mix it with water and let it over night, so as to make sure it is homogenous, then we apply it on the bed. A bit messy but works for our ABS, Nylon, PC, TPU, production :D.


I haven’t tried hairspray yet, although I think I might.
So far I have had reasonably good results by cleaning my bed with Isopropyl and using painters tape around my edges (have noticed they were brutal for getting anything to stick on really big prints). BTW, I know when its time to be cleaned when my prints once finished peel off really easily.

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I started with a glue stick but found once I really leveled properly and had the Cura settings down with a good skirt it was fine, no more lifting. But the glue stick did work, never tried hairspray seemed a bit too messy.