Layer Height to high?

Is it possible for the layer height to be too high? I have an ender 5 that I just replaced the stock control board with the SKR Mini E3 v2.0 and added BL Touch. I finally think I got the Z offset right but my layers are not adhering and appear that it is printing too high on each layer. In the image you can see the left one was on the stock Ender 5 and the right is with the new controller.

That looks like under extrusion. Did you calibrate everything after the board change? Or just the z?

I would argue that layer height being too high and under-extrusion are essentially the same thing. As the hot-end travels along and pushes out filament, it is essentially trying to continuously fill a box that is as wide as your designated line with and as deep as your layer height.

For a given rate of extrusion, (mm³ of filament / second), your combined layer width, layer height and rate of travel have to define a volume exactly equal to your rate of extrusion. So, if you increase your line width, your layer height or your rate of travel such that the extruder can’t supply enough filament to fill the “box”, we would usually label it as “under extrusion”.

But tomāto/tomăto whether you want to label it under extrusion, too much layer height or too much print speed.

Under extrusion is a problem, layer height is a setting. They are not the same thing. Layer height has a maximum. The practice slightly less than the theory. No amount of settings can change that. IF you could (no slicer allows this) set a layer height beyond the max (about 80% of the nozzle diameter) it would result in under extrusion. Setting speed settings beyond the ability of the hot end will result in under extrusion. Under extrusion is the result.

OP it appears to be under extrusion, and you communicated effectively, Layer height is the height of the individual slices or the thickness of each layer. No more no less. If you have a 0.4 mm nozzle are are under 0.32mm layer height that is not likely to be the cause of the under extrusion.

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That’s certainly first layer height being too high. It’s essentially bridging over the bed with nothing underneath it.