Linear Rail kit setup

I have an ender 5 pro that I want to change to linear rail. Is it worth to change and what would it cost to switch. Is it something I can do myself. Are they just a plug and play setup.

If you are still interested, I can give you my experience.

I’ve used both MGN12 rails and designs from Thingiverse and also MGN9 rails with the linear rail kit from Printermods on my E5Pro. Both systems worked but they do take some work to get installed and far from plug and play especially if you aren’t experienced. Even using alignment tools, I did find that getting absolutely perfect alignment was tough and at the right speed and at some locations on the rails I got a low “screeching” noise. I also found that the linear rails caused some minor artifacts in my prints from the resonance of the printer. The rails aren’t forgiving.

I have since switched to using the Exoslide kit
This kit is much easier to install and alignment isn’t a problem. One thing I discovered in the process of installing these is that one my y-axis extrusions on the printer was actually undersized. Additionally the rubber wheels provide some forgiveness from resonance and they are quieter. Very happy with these and wish I had started with them.

Hope that helps.