Mercury one upgrade

I have the sonic pad with my ender5 pro. I want to install the mercury one kit. Do l need to change anything in the firmware or once l install l can just run it?

Looking at the kit here:

You probably won’t have to change the firmware but I suspect you’ll have to change your printer.cfg.

Printer.cfg. You mean settings ?

printer.cfg defines the IO pins used in the main controller board along with their functions.

Yeah you will have to redefine what pins are used in the cfg file, but other than that you shouldn’t really have to change anything.

If you have input shaping and linear advance set up you should redo those as well.

Is that something you guys a 3d printing Canada can do?

I am not sure if that is something that we would do here to be honest with you. Either way I would recommend doing it yourself anyways, there are many good tutorials online and generally it isn’t super complicated.

The reason I suggest doing it yourself is that the values that you will use depend on the environment around it, for example input shaper values will be different on a desk vs on the floor, or even on 2 different desks.