New Prusa XL! OMG


Ok so this is quite the printer. I now have a new printer to save for!


I can hear my Sidewinder trembling… lol


My cr10s pro may have to find a new home for this printer :smiley:

Ok silly or impulse i just put a deposit on one! It is refundable so i can decide later… lol we all know that out come I think!

Ordered! Let’s hope the exchange rate doesn’t skyrocket in the next 9 months.

The only things that give me pause about his printer are the availability of print nozzles - it seems to me I heard them say it was a custom design but perhaps I’m mistaken; and the placing of all the electronics on a card-edge connector. That’s great of you know you have to swap boards frequently, or if the unit is just a base with very wide expansion capabilities (like a desktop PC), but putting a swappable board on a dedicated printer suggests you think the boards are going to fail frequently. The card-edge design means replacement boards will only be single-sourced and, hence, more expensive.

So here’s hoping it’s a robust design and won’t require frequent parts replacement.


The typical method of Prusa is to un things for ages. It has appeared in one interation or another for years in the background of videos. I am sure they will hve it worked out. I am with you on the us exchange rate!

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My impression is that the use of edge connectors was less about replacing parts and more about modularity and impression. I know that’s not what Josef said in Joel’s video - but that’s off the cuff in a foreign language, people emphasise the wrong things in those circumstances all the time.

But after reading the blog post, I think it’s more to make things like the 5 tool head changer a plug-and-play add-on. The base board only supports two print heads, if you want all 5 it needs an expansion board. Using a PC style slot for that just makes sense, and means the hardware is already in place for whatever mad science creation they come up with next.

I have almost convinced myself to pull the trigger on this. At this point, my only hesitation is mental health related - if I can’t afford this when the pre-order comes due, it will really hurt my brain and my BPD will trigger. And if this comes in at the begining of their guesstimated time… I probably can’t afford it.

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This is why I’m setting aside $300 per month in the hopes that this won’t be due until Q3 so the financial impact won’t be so severe.

We’ve been running internal head-swapping tests for several months already and we’re over half a million successful tool changes without a single hitch.

Other printer companies should take notes! if they tested like this there would not be things like extruder arms breaking after a few uses.

This kind of testing I have no doubts at all. Money… I was saving I just need to save a bit more…

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Ayup. My challenge is that I have a 2300$ special levy for my condo due May 1st… which is right in the middle of Q2. Paying both will be hard…

Yes, I pre-ordered the 5 toolhead. :grinning: Go big or go home, right?


Very impressive design and improvements, but not in a rush, yet!

Yup. I did the same, and I’ve been second guessing my self ever since. Do I really need 5 print heads? Seriously, how often will I ever actually use it to anywhere near it’s full capacity? Then again, I only currently print monotone prints because that’s all I can do. I do have 2-in-1-out and 2-in-2-out print heads but I’ve been reluctant to experiment with them for fear of putting my production printer out of commission. Boy, I can second-guess myself into a corner.

By the way, I got an answer back from Prusa about my request to send them $300 per month to spread the payments out. They say their accounting system is not geared for that.

Hmmm, $3500 USD = $4700 CDN. It’s a steep price to pay for sure. I’ve been debating the cost difference compared to my Prusa MK3S. It only cost $1300 CDN plus another $400 MMU2 to print 5 colors. With this XL, I’d be getting linear rails, no more scratched rods to worry about, 32bit processor, auto first layer, 5 colors with most likely no need for a wipe tower which means less material waste, color display, RGB lighting, larger build volume, smart heat bed, Ethernet connectivity, hopefully WiFi, good bye Octoprint, easier hotend replacement, although I’ve never had to do one, except disassemble for clogs, if that counts, and overall easier maintenance, compared to the MK3S, I assume, all for the additional cost of $3000 CDN. It’s definitely in the prosumer market.

Not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for this printer since the rumors about it started a year ago, and I was prepared to buy it when it was finally here, otherwise I would have bought some other brand corexy brand by now. My only concerns and request is do I wait and let the first Gen come out an let the bugs get shooken like the evolution of the MK2 to MK3, and offer a full kit instead of semi-assembled to save even more money.

Good thing the deposit is refundable, and the printer configuration can be changed at the last minute.

Start banking the $300 per month now is all we can do, right?

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I have been looking at a rat rig, The purse XL is almost the same price. The rat rig is a bit bigger and the Prusa is partially assembled. I think Prusa has been innovating from the beginning and the clones are following. To my mind supporting innovation has value.

The extruder is part of the feedback system of calibration. I am fine with a specific extruder. The new ones are running similar lines. The Revo is close. I figure the cloners will be releasing that type soon anyway, this may make no difference in the long run.

This printer has me in a quandary. I deferred buying a rat rig ( I like the leveling) but wanted to see what Prusa was going to do. the wait was killing me so I picked up a second printer to help with my overflow which really is being caused by using the 1.2 nozzle mostly for bulky stuff then having to tie that up to print something with the with the .4 for 12 hours lol. but I wasted so much time not deciding, the XL is here now I I really like the print head and how smart it is for leveling, and the feedback for the filament heat… also the extruder with the cycloidal drive is really nice. I wanted an Mk3 but it was going to take a really long time and I just changed my mind I think. I’ll put that dough into a fund and buy this when they start shipping, I don’t know if I want to be one of the early adopters or not.

I really like that I can buy a one head version and then upgrade it later. I suspect every add on is the same. The track record of up grading is well established. I too looked long and hard at the Rat Rig. I too was waiting of the Prusa. I think the selling point is the support. They have the best instructions I have ever seen and support if you get in trouble. The software end was intimidating on the rat rig.

360mm print bed is considered XL? I would be excited and willing to spend the cash if it was 400mm.

They say there is an XXL too. I was still debating a 400 cube but then I thought a 500 cube. But reality bites. I don’t need nor can I justify a price tag for a 500 cube. Nice to dream. i kinda wish it was bigger but I can live with it.

Looks great to me too. But im not sure if its worth it or not (in my case)…
I will probably not use 5 heads, maybe another extra head for me, but not more than this…
So in the end i’ll have a bigger prusa, with better technology and many new cool options. But im more in the small prints… :neutral_face:

That said, it could be something to consider, but i am seriously divided between paying that much for a prusa, when some prosumers printers cost just a bit more than this.

I dont know… Ill have a look at this in the next months. I love prusa, i have two here, real workhorses. But i also love my Raise3D E2 Idex, which is a bit more expensive than the prusa XL but totally a different kind of printer… Seriously dont know… :crazy_face:

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