Nozzle size selection

Is there a way to change the selection of nozzles for your printer. in the drop-down I don’t see some options I’m going to need.

I don’t use Cura much but I think you need to add a ‘new’ printer with the nozzle size. I am not sure you can do it after it is added.

It might be in the top tab as well. I uninstalled it on my computer it doesn’t like the arm chip much.

That’s what I thought, but the setting for nozzle size is actually in a drop down where you select your filament. there’s no option in the machine or extruder settings. Oh and I need an option for a 1.2mm nozzle

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Yes, I guess I’ll have to transition to Prusaslicer for most things and just keep Cura for … actually I’m not sure what for, it’s been a lot of trouble recently heh

For the tree supports!
That’s the only reason I use Cura sometimes. With PETG the tree supports just come off so much easier.
Wait… and the sequential print setting in Cura is pretty nifty if your doing a bunch of one item.

There is a way to change it in your machine settings for custom nozzles, similar to @kitedemon mentioned but you don’t have to add a new printer, you can just modify yours. It’s in the same menu that you alter your start/end G-code in.

I also found a video on how to change it CURA SLICER | HOW TO CHANGE NOZZLE SIZE and STORE IT! - YouTube

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Yes tree supports in prusa slicer is a cludge work around. I really love the paint on supports and the paint on seams. The speed of the new version is such a big gain to me that it really pushed cure off the computer for me.

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well the setting doesn’t exist in my version. I have 2 installations and they are the same.

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Yes the speed increase is very nice. I also love Prusa slicers adaptive layer options, I’m slowly cutting Cura out of my workflow, I’ve been keeping it just for those tree supports ahaha.

I wonder if it has to do with the profile for the B1? I have my printers setup as a custom printer in Cura and I’ve seen the setting before…

If it were me, I would just use Prusa Slicer. It seems like the easiest solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do like using tree supports but I was seeing that prussa slicer has this “Monotonic infill pattern” Since a lot of my parts have through holes for bolts this feature should make everything look a lot better

Yes I think I’ll start using Prusa slicer too. I added an Ulitmaker 3 and an Artillery to cura and the option did not appear

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The monotonic makes such a nice difference!

I also really like the Prusa slicer supportive infill option for some of my prints.


last few things I’ve printed I’ve used prusa and it’s been really great. couple things i have to figure out about making libraries but so far so good.

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but, oh man! don’t let it do it’s own supports

Try this:

unders support material: contact z distance 0.3 : interface layer 3: xy separation 0.3

It helps, not perfect but better.

I was printing some plenums to change the cooling fans on my B1 to a different kind and just selected automatic for the supports … I didn’t realize it was going to fill them inside of the nozzles with support heh!

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Oh man that is a nightmare. I now only paint on supports. It is not awesome at automatic it puts them everywhere.

well hopefully they find a way to put tree supports in. they need some Tetris style programming

It is cluge but …

Can’t seem to get this to work. The print is always above the build plate or errors out if I set the height to zero. then if I try manually set supports it won’t slice