Nozzle to far away?

I printed last weekend ok.and today l tryed to print and my nozzle is to far away. I didn’t make any changes. Don’t know what is going on?

So… are you asking how to get it back or how this might have happened in the first place?

What printer are you using?

Ender 5 pro. I would like to get it back and how do you think it might have happened.

I have the 5Pro too and I can almost certainly tell you exactly how it happened. It drives me nuts, but I understand the root cause and how hard it is for Creality to fix it.

The non-touch-screen Ender printers use an LCD display with a rotary encoder/switch. Creality did this for the same reason I used it on my Christmas light controller: It’s a simple, intuitive interface, but it has a problem. You rotate the knob to select a setting and you push the knob to select the setting.

Simple enough, but what happens if the knob rotates slightly as you push it? What you actually end up selecting is the next menu item, up or down, form what you were intending.

So you’ve finished a print and the nozzle is now somewhere in the air off the surface of the print bed. You want to start another print and you decide to follow sage advice and level the bed first.

That means homing the print head which not only positions the nozzle at the back-right corner, but also raises the bed to the appropriate start height ready for you to slide a piece of paper under.

But remember that problem with using one knob to do two functions? What’s the next menu item if you unintentionally rotate the knob clockwise?: “Set Home Offsets”. Now you’ve defined the new Home position to be whatever height the nozzle left off at from the last print.

Drives. Me. Nuts.

They could have added a sub-menu like “Confirm Save Yes/No”
They could have moved that menu item to the bottom of the menu, next to something you would rarely use.
The could have put it in the Move Axis menu, which frankly, is where it should logically be.

But no, they stuck it right next to one of the most commonly used menu options. You wouldn’t believe how many times this question comes up.

So now you know what to watch out for. It’s completely not your fault. It’s a mix of an input method with an inherent weakness and poor menu design.

So, how to fix it? My machine is running right now, so I can’t access the menu to confirm exactly where it is, but there is a “Reset Defaults” option somewhere. That’s the easiest, fastest fix but if you have make any customizations, they may get reset as well,

Again, I can’t get to the menu right now to confirm this, but if you find the Move Z Axis menu, you should be able to use the control panel to move the Z-Axis up to where you want it. Then go back to “Set Home Offsets” and click on it to save the new location.

Sorry for the long-winded response but I have a bee in my bonnet over this one.

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Anything l try is not working.
I got to move z axis and l adjust until l have resitence in my paper. Then l try to save, don’t know if it does? I go to home offsets and it says error to far?
Don’t get it.

OK. At the end of my current print, I’ll try to reproduce this.

OK. So verifying what I said earlier I’ve pressed “Set Home Offsets” after my last print finished and the print head was in the air.

I then selected Auto Home which appeared to home the printer correctly (although my Z is now -13.5mm)

Starting a new print, and, as expected, the print head starts printing 13.5mm above the bed.

It’s been a long time since I first discovered how this problem was caused and I wanted to confirm that the explanation I gave you was accurate.

So, now for the fix:
Prepare->Auto Home
followed by:
Prepare->Set Home Offsets

This reset the Z to 0 and I am now printing normally again.

Thanks for your suggestions but I did as you suggested and it is still to far away. It says error " to far" On my lcd screen it shows bed level and it was off so I turned it on, no difference. When it’s probing obviously it shows x and y axis and it shows z axis at minus 0.02.
Don’t have a clue what is happening?

Wait a second…You said earlier it was an E5Pro…but it’s probing? Does that mean you’ve installed a BLTouch? That would have been useful to know as I’ve been assuming it’s basing it’s positioning strictly on the limit switches and the home offsets.

If I"m now understanding you correctly, and a BLTouch is involved, I’m somewhat out of my element as I don’t own a BLTouch so I can’t speak from experience.

Before I suggest anything further, am I correct in this?

Yes it has a bl touch. I opened a ticket with 3d printing canada and l got email back from one of there people and l must of mentioned it there. My apologies.

So then, is the BLTouch’s probe fully extended when it’s off the build plate?

Problem solved. I adjusted z offset, in my case - 2.900 and l printed something and it looks good.
Just want to thank you for your efforts. I’m new to this and l ve been on this forum a few times and you are one who seems to want to help. Thank you once again.

I’m just curious: you indicated you had printed last weekend without problems. Any idea how your Z-offset got changed?

No. I just started to print from sd card and that’s when I noticed it was to far. I hadn’t touched machine all week?