Other hobbies to compliment 3d printing

What other hobbies do you guys have to compliment your 3d prints?
I run a wood lathe to turn wood or plastic spindles,
I have an arc welder and can braze aluminum, and I run a small forge for steel parts.

What else do you view as being of value?


I’ve got a small wood shop and I make toys and farmhouse style tables and other stuff.

I also play the bagpipes and have put on mini concerts outside in different neighborhoods last spring/summer during the first wave of covid

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I liked this so much that I added an Other Hobbies category with CNC Laser Wood Working all added to the list!

Thank you for your idea.

I’m glad! I was thinking that if we started to collaborate its nice to have an idea of who does what so that we can expand knowledge bases and possibly make projects in the future as a group rather then alone.

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I do some model rocket flying so I like to use 3d printing for those. Hopefully use it for model railroad in the future.

My main reason for 3d printing is to make parts for RC airplanes. Some stuff to buy is not that cheap, but at the same time, even if it is cheap, the hour plus round trip to the city to the hobby shop plus gas made me want to start 3d printing.

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Used to be more wood, metal for me but lately I’ve been spending time getting better at programming Arduino and designing in Fusion 360.

I’m also hoping to learn arduino programming. I got a bunch of kits for Xmas to learn on

Arduino is pretty cool. My garage solar heater runs on it, my coffee roaster, etc, etc. My kids making Arduino stuff for their Nerf guns.

I also enjoyed model rocketry for a while. The local college created a very popular course based on a summer rocketry program I organized in the local Scouting group. I spotted this on Thingiverse a while back & thought it might be of interest to folks still flying.


Hey that’s cool thanks.

I’ve 3D-printed this CNC router design by Ivan Miranda to make various items for myself and to sell on my store.


I have a small but fairly complete wood and metal work shop. Tablesaw, jointer, planer bandsaw, metal lathe, metal mill plus , TIG, MIG welders and a plasma cutter. Currently building a CNC plasma table.

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I am using Ender3 to make things for my N Scale model railroad like buildings and vehicles. If printer is dialed in perfectly it does an OK job, but they’re pretty small items sometimes, so you have to have reasonable expectations. But compared to the price of bought N Scale items, this thing might just pay for itself one day.

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I have a laser engraver and metal lathe.
I use the laser to engrave and cut add in pieces for some of my prints. Eg. The panels on the Kirk phaser rifle from original Star Trek.
I also 3D print the battery, speaker and sound card holders for my light sabers.


I’d be really interested in seeing that plasma table when it’s done.

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I’ll be sure to post pics.

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I also like to build fpv drones and aircraft and such, fpv and 3D printing works “hand and hand” as that. If I need a GoPro mount or sma antenna mount off to the tpu printer I go!

I mostly do bare metal electronics design and development as a hobby. So, something like Arduino except using different processors and my own software (though sometimes I’ll use a library to save time, but not an Arduino library). I actually want to get a 3D printer to make enclosures and various fixtures to help me assemble my projects as the parts are mostly surface mount and really small (think half the size of a grain of rice or a 64 pin package 1 cm square) so it can be a challenge.

I also have a fully equipped woodworking shop, a well equipped garage, a welder, etc… I am pretty good with woodworking but my welding and metal work is so so.

I have a CNC router that I have been running for almost a year. Haven’t made anything to crazy with it. Mostly signs and some Christmas ornaments. I have done some 3D relief carving with it but nothing to hard.

My other hobby that pairs with my 3D printing and CNC is I am a designer for work so on my off times I will play around and design whatever comes to mind. Some of my better work has been a Tardis slinky and Peachettes Crown from Super Mario.