Petg settings recommended

I want to start printing with petg. Can anyone recommend the proper settings. You watch so many videos and everybody has something different to say.
I know temp is important but also the fans and the speed?
Any help would be appreciated.

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HI 496

I print with PETG pretty regularly. I would always recommend, Little to no fan (I usually run no fan at all) Start at 230 with a temp tower and see how your filament prints the best.

It’s usually more of a filament thing than a settings thing. Lighter (white) filament likes temp 5 to 10 deg cooler than dark (black). It’s usually been my experience temp tower it and you will find the sweet spot.


So my recommendation is do a temperature tower to find your temperatures 1st for your machine. Then print a hollow Pyramid. In my opinion that print really tests your printer’s tolerances ext bit I do find 230nozzle and 70 to 80 bed works I use 40% fan but depends on the part


My settings are similar. I use 230º first layer and 240º for the rest. I have the bed at 85º first layers and 90º rest.

Part Cooling I use automatic controls but restrict the range from 30% to 50%.

I print with a fully enclosed printer and one in the open. The printer not enclosed is in a warm 20º+ and is free of drafts it has little air movement (utility room in a basement)

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My experiences with PETG:

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