Pla only sticking to parts of bed

Im using flashforge filament and can not seem to get it to stuck on parts of my bed and seems to come out faster then the other filaments i have used. Im still very new to this and wondering if i could get some suggestions on what to fix or where to start looking. Thank you

What kind of bed material.

I have the sunlu pei textured magnetic bed. My other filaments dont have a problem sticking.

Have you completed a temperature tower test on the new filament? That is a must do when you use filament for the first time. Your temp may be too low when it hits the bed or the bed not hot enough. Running the temp test will give you the correct temperature settings for your extruder.

What is the temperature tower test. How do i do that.

Watch this video.

I’m going to go back to basics. Have you cleaned the bed? ( if it is bad which it sounds like it is, use hot water and detergent (not soap, it should make your skin feel slippery and not suds much. Then dry it carefully and use IPA wipe.

You have Trammed the bed? (Leveled) correctly?

Is the bed flat and free of warps?

Ok thank you

The bed is clean. Leveled the bed twice to be sure

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Havent had any problems with other filament till this one

Ok that’s good check for warps. Just use the edge of a ruler and look eye level to the bed. If it is good I’d try to increase bed temps 10 degrees. And or try glue stick, uhu or Elmer’s pritt or similar

Ok thank you

I watched the video. Added the template but the second part for the temperature part and layers are not in the list. Is there something in the marketplace that i should also add?

You need to install the calibration models from Market place. He shows what one to install about 1/4 way into the video. The picture is the x,y,z cube.

Follow his instructions exactly.

My favorite cleaning with my Pei Bed is as follows. Use Windex first as the cleaner which is excellent for both cleaning and degreasing. Then use 99% pure Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any and all residue from the bed. This combination is excellent.
I never have issues with filament sticking to the bed after this form of cleaning.

Windex should be fine. Detergent (sometimes soap) is recommended by most manufacturers ISP also, windex not as much (at all?) it is made of a grab bag of alcohols in water with color and ammonium hydroxide. I would suggest caution heating anything with ammonium hydroxide, it is bad for you if you breathe it.

PEI is fairly resistant to chemicals the over spray could be not a good idea if you choose windex keep the sheet away from the printer.

Ill try that. Thank you

I am not trying to be argumentative but only educational so please do not take me as aggressive hear.

Window Cleaner is very commonly suggested in my searches as to cleaning a print bed. This “Prusa Material Table” allows you to compare the basic parameters of different filament materials and brands. It makes mention of some Bed preparation techniques that include Window Cleaner.

This Prusa chart is just one of many locations I found Window Cleaner as a suggestion and my own personnel results using this combo on my PEI bed has been fantastic. I only have adhesion issues if I print to often without cleaning. I clean after every print usually but have had issues if I do not clean after about 3 prints.

The Window Cleaner works exceptionally well at removing residue of all kinds and Alcohol then removes the Window Cleaner. I do not spray directly on the print bed. I spray on a new clean paper towel and then wipe the bed. I also spray the alcohol on another new paper towel and wipe. I would not recommend spraying directly on the printer.

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I have not seen that. I would assume it replaces IPA from that chart? It as I said, requires caution Hydroxide is not to be casually treated. It is very corrosive. Detergent is what prusa, wham bam, many others recommend when prints are not sticking after alcohol is no longer working. it is the first step to revitalize old PEI. I am not arguing just suggesting caution. I have only used window cleaner to remove the creality texture from their beds. It mostly removes the black residue and leaves a more glass surface. The creality paint IMO is useless I removed most of it. Blue glass cleaner (frank I think) and a bit of scrubbing removed a lot and a dap of torlene took most of the remaining off. I found plain glass better than the silkscreen dot stuff.

At the end of the day I think the OP has issues not related to the PEI but likely z or
tramming maybe warping. I assume it is a new printer and has not had time to mess up the pei. IPA is the simplest cleaner and as beds age then different measures are needed. I have 5 or 6 older beds that I have revitalized to work again once glazed. Detergent solves most issues and extreme lightly bruising with steel wool solves badly glazed plates.

Hmm looking more closely to the chart they only recommend window cleaner with materials that tend to bond too well to PEI. I wonder if they recommend it because it is a resist to adhesion? PETG /Ngen/CPE bond to PEI really well, REALLY well the only smooth PEI, I destroyed was with with colorfabb Ngen. I might have to give it a try with the PETg I typically do on the powder coated plates I don’t love the texture much, it grabs PEI too well.