Printing Imperfections

My printer has started picking a random layer to mess up on. I am thinking this could be due to damp filament (I print in my basement, so although it doesn’t feel damp, it probably is a bit), but curious if anyone has any other suggestions for what could be causing the issue.

Printer is the Ender 5 Pro
I upgraded to an all-metal hot end
Printing with PLA at 200 degrees (this could’ve been 205 - still playing with correct temp)
This is the Sakata black PLA (shouldn’t make a difference, but sharing just in case)

Which end was on the build plate?

The bottom of the picture is what was on the build plate.

I’m uploading another pic of one it happened on (different layer). I put a purple line of where the build plate was for this one.

Possible filament snag or section of filament under sized

This doesn’t help your cause, but you this may be related to this post:

Damp filament would cause problems all through the print, it could be an intermittent problem with the gear feeding the filament.

Potential plug starting to happen Also measure the diameter of your filament see if it’s getting too big could be getting stuck a little bit then pushing through. listen for clicking if that’s happening don’t even print time for maintenance

I think you could try upping the extruder temp by 5 to 10°C. It kind of looks like layer separation and the walls could be a little smoother. If you print a temp tower, you should be able to find a temperature that works will for that filament and your printer.

@Nectaria in case you haven’t found the issue in the middle of the print is the extruder stepper really hot? I have had one shut down with over temperatures.

long shot here.

That makes sense. Because the next time I printed, I got that big huge mess of a nest of filament. :woman_facepalming:t3:

Thanks, I’ll try this.

Not sure, but if the other solutions don’t work, I’ll see if I can figure that one out. Thanks!

I want to say it’s a clog starting, but it’s odd that it’s in the same spot everytime. A new nozzle and a once over of the full filament/Bowden path would be a necessary precaution for me.

Have you tried turning the model in the slicer and reprinting to see if it still happens?

Does your z-axis move up and down freely?
I’ve had my Z-Axis screws bind up in certain spot before, and give a similar issue.
Mine have gotten clogged with dirt, dust and cat hair…