Printing problem

Hello, since I received my Ender 3 V2, I have printing problems.
I even completely disassembled the printer for the complete reassembly and there was no change
everything is perfectly straight, the wheels are well adjusted, I tried several filament, tried as much with cura slicer and prusa slicer different level of retraction, temperature.
the PID has been adjusted, the extruder too. I have 100mm coming out of the extruder when I ask for 100mm. When I switch from cura to prusa, the problem changes. with cura, there is a shift which is made from the join at a certain height but which gradually decreases until the join. with Prusa a big bump goes all around at a height. it is not a mechanical problem because the problem changes from one slicer to another.
See photo for better understanding

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