Prusaslicer settings for bridging


I’m trying to print something that requires a bridge. Does anyone have settings or can help me with the settings in order to complete my print.

Without knowing the size it is a little hard to say. Is it an arch, angled or flat?
With my limited experience, and lack of detail I would have to go with make sure your part cooling fan is at 100%, slow the print speed down and possibly lower the hot end temp.

It’s a flat bridge about 3 inches in length.

Going to need supports for that. Unless there is something I haven’t learned yet. And there is lots of that.

You might be able to bridge that far but it will droop some in the middle and possibly the layer will separate.

Yes like you said it will bridge but droups in the middle and layers separate. Is there any settings l can change to stop it from doing that?

Supports. generally speaking 3 inches and flat is asking a lot. Too much for many printers.

You can just use some small supports spaced out along the bridged area it isn’t necessary to support the whole area.

This is a good use of paint on supports.

Ok everyone thank you for your help.