So you have run out of filament during a print

Hi! Noob here
Got a CR6-SE and so far so good. No poof! No filament sensor issue. Good on/off switch.

I was wondering, if my print job is not finished and my PLA runs out and I dont have any PLA on hand… Could I use a spool of PETG to finish the job?

my knee jerk response to you would be no, Most of the time the print settings on both filiments are so different that you would more than likely not be able to maintain the print quality across the gap.

However I believe both filaments will physically “stick” to one another but I think you may create a weak joint that could easily crack apart.


I was afraid it would be something like that. Thanks for the reponse.

No Problem, I may actually try it at some point just to experiment, I’m answering based on general knowledge.

I see you have the title «leader». What is you role here? Are you just a moderator or do you hae other duties as well?

I am listed as a Leader on the forum, I think the best way to describe is a moderator. I think that can be interchangeable. I have a couple of more admin things I can do but monitoring the forum is big part of it.

I’m also the Tech supervisor for 3D Printing Canada so that is my normal day job. Although I work for 3DPC I am trying not to make all of my answers 3DPC focused unless they need to be. I am basically a nerd getting paid to do what I love doing.


Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I am a noob with no experience in 3dpr. I got a CR6 on kickstarter. So far so good. Intend in getting a resin printer and a washing curing machine from 3DPC in the future as I am not really satisfied with the result of printed mini’s for RPG’s on a FDM.

I do think filament printer is quite okay for terrain though. Hence my question about mixing types of filaments. I have no idea, when I start a job, wether I will have enough filament on my spool.

Still, the fact the printer can, technically, continue a print after I reload filament ( or even after a blackout) is a great bonus.

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All of us were noobs, I just happened to be one about 13 years ago, Now I’m showing my age.

In your slicer after you slice your model it usually gives you an estimated filament usage in grams. If you weigh your spool and minus the weigh of the roll you should be pretty close.

I personally have not gotten into resin printing at all, I have small children that would be a little too curious about it to do it safely. So you are going to be ahead of me on that one.

Nice tip. Thanks…

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Jason, Hey thanks for the honesty. It is all anyone can expect. I am curious what would happen Petg on plane or vice versa interesting. I have so many ends… Along that thought, every manufacturer seems in my experience to be reasonably consistent with roll cores they use, not all list the core weight however.

Has anyone ever thought to make a repository of empty core weights? I know there would be fluctuations if many people weighed them but it is still better than nothing. If 3dPC had a bunch of empties of multiple manufacturers around… :sunglasses:


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Another supplier I won’t mention sells kits or gives STL’s of reusable spools and sells refills. Not only do you not fill dumpsites with old spools but you also save near 10$cad for a refill.

Hint-hint 3DPC

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If you are close to running out, and don’t have the same filament to replace mid print. you can stop the print. make note of the layer it has gotten to. then cut your model at that height to print a second piece and super glue the two together. In cura you can move the model below the print bed. If using PRUSA slicer their is a tool to cut the model at a particular layer height. Might be an option. I had to do this .

ESun clear spool 210g and black spool 230g
The ESun dryer has a scale built in to show the weight of the spool, it is also adjustable for the weight of the empty spool so it can remove it from the total weight.
It can be adjusted for different filament drying temp and also time as a bonus it has also a spot for the desiccant pouch to dry them.
I use it to feed on long print so the filament stays dry.

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I have the Sunly. But it does not have a scale… :wink:

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I just weighed a Canadian maker series at 328 gm, priline at 206 gm and a geeetech at 182gm.

This might be worth it’s own thread and perhaps a chart or something?

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I think that’s a great Idea, Post it on a thread and everyone can use it as a ref.


@Jason Empty spool weights I made a new post for exactly that. I now wish I didn’t toss out the little gaggle of empties when I was cleaning last week…

@kitedemon I saw that, Haven’t been able to catchup on the forum last day or so. I see Keith is adding some stuff to the list as well

Going to clean out my basement, I got to have some kicking around that aren’t there.

Jason H

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Frankly, given that PLA is sold by mass, I have to wonder why the reel manufacturers don’t just stamp the mass of the reel itself right on the reel.

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