Stepper Motor Analyzer

I am looking at getting all the parts to create a Stepper Motor Analyzer. This is the analyzer shown in a current “Teaching Tech” video:

I have sent the plans into PCBway, and I am working on a price. The minimum order is 5 and I need only 1. Screen and all looks to be about $85 Can. My plan is to get the boards back from China, program and test the boards, and then sell the extra boards for about $50 + shipping (I know… we live in Canada and the shipping may be more than the board). This is pretty much what I will be paying for them, Just want to make my order as cheap as I can.
The info on the touchscreen is in the build instructions page… and like I said around $35 Can and it will plug straight into the board.

I am not asking for money, or anything at this moment. and one of the parts is on backorder for 8 weeks… Just putting feelers out to see if anyone is interested.

Let me know.


I’ll buy one from you. What additional parts will I need to source?

Just the screen, and print yourself the case… Careful there are 2… The one I am making is the barebones one… I figured once I built it, wouldn’t be hard to design a case much like the one in the video.

OK. The screen has been ordered.

I would of held off a bit… I need to get back-ordered chips, send that to china for final assembly and then back to me… I think we are looking at several months.

But I suppose it is not a giant amount. I will keep you updated.

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No problem. It’s just a pity it wasn’t pin-compatible with any of the TFT displays I already have. Besides, I’d be surprised if I get it any time soon. By the way, what chip(s) are you waiting for?

As a completely unrelated, off-topic question: You didn’t get one of the LEGO Ulysses probes, did you?

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ACS70331EESATR-2P5B3 They are the current sensors… 8 week lead time. My original thought was to get PCBway to source all the parts and save the wait for me to send them… But that didn’t work out well. :slight_smile: I have ordered them from Digi-Key, hopefully that speeds it up a bit. I will also order the CPU since I save $5 on each one if I get it.

No… I had to look it up to even know what it was LOL

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Lol i had to look that up too. Good catch.

Id be interested, but on the fence atm.

Lot’s of time to make a decision… Probably a few months out yet.

The display finally arrived. It’s been so long I actually had to look up what it was for when it arrived.

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lol, been there done that, Lets see it when its done.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for the current sensors… I checked with Digikey and the order is still there… No ETA on the order :frowning:

boo… well that’s just no fun at all… lol

The Current sensors are finally on their way… I had almost given up on them. Time to order the stuff, and send it to China… I will keep you updated if you are still interested.

Thanks Steve


Love it when parts finally get going.

Yipee. I’d actually forgotten about it. Now I need to figure out where I put the parts I ordered. :-), but yes, still interested.

So here is the situation… They do not accept parts from outside anymore. So I ordered the boards with the parts they do have and I can either include the sensor so that you solder them in yourself… Or I will give it a try. It has been over 30 years since I did SMD soldering…But these seem pretty simple… and now I have YouTube… Something I didn’t have back then.
Next the CPU… I have ordered 3 of them… If you want one, I can solder it to the board, Program it and test it with my screen… I should have all the prices tallied up in a day or so.

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