Summer 2021 Wishlist, What Products do you want to See in Store!

I know I could email 3dpc regarding new product ideas, but what about having a forum spot for product, hardware and other store related suggestions. It would allow the community to help collectivly make requests to 3dpc for products we may be looking for.

Just an idea.

I’d be totally on-board with that idea, partly because it would give 3DPC a clearer idea of what we want rather than having to guess, but also partly because if I say I could use a product like X it would give someone else on the forum a chance to point out that product Y does much the same thing. It could be useful for both sides.

The only down-side is that it might mean fewer choices in the clearance section that I keep raiding for parts :slight_smile:


I’d also find it help. I know, for example, I miss the ability to search “by printer” on the parts list. I suspect that went away because it was complicated to keep the data tagged properly so it would generate effectively, but it was helpful - especially when I was “$10 short for free shipping”, I could do a simple search to see what I don’t have for my particular printer.

Hello Dr, Marvin. I’ve Pinned this Topic!!

Lets run with it!

You 3 @Dr.Marvin @LEGOManiac @awalkerca get first crack at the Summer Wish List!!
Please mark them as
5 points = NEED
3 points = WANT


ender - 5 (/ pro) Z axis aluminum extrusion gantry upgrade as seen on Ender-6 corexy

Aluminum extrusions cut to order - 3

Annodized alluminum extrusions cut to order - 1

Colour changing filament like this product - 1

Kapton tape - 3

Thin metric locknuts - 3

Long fasteners threaded all the way - 3

Makerbase products such as - 1
C$ 13.00 | Makerbase MKS UPS 12v 24v module 3D Printer parts power outage detection and lift Z axis when power off to protect the model


C$ 10.39 | Makerbase MKS Robin WIFI V1.0 3D printer wireless router ESP8266 WIFI module APP remote control for MKS Robin mainboard

Assorted bolt kits - 1

Personally im not in any rush to get more things at this time, but just a few things ive had my eyes out for. Feel free to ask more questions if needed @Keith


I’ve been struggling to think of what I need but you covered a lot of things I don’t have but also couldn’t think of.

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One more idea.

A 3d Maker kit, so something put togeather that would have some tools like pliars, screwdriver, deburring tool, nozzle wrench or tool, some assorted hardware like screws, nuts, bearings, springs, maybe a few nozzles, a glue stick and a cheap caliper.

It wouldnt be something id get as i have most of the basics i want, but for a newbie getting their first printer it would be pretty useful.


Thanks, i always have some odd ideas of things id like to get, but ive recently ordered a bunch of stuff so had to think of what was i looking for and where i ordered them from. Also if 3dpc carried what i was looking for and i just missed it somehow.

Excellent ideas, keep them coming!!

I’m going to pass these ones to Purchasing department, to Check what we can do

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A nozzle removing tool! (3)

I just don’t like the standard little wrenches or using a regular socket + ratchet.

This one braces the heat block for you and catches the hot nozzle.

I’d like to see:

Voron kit
selection of project magnets


I looked at ZCatch a few months ago. It’s expensive for what you get. You’ll note that it actually is using a regular socket and is effectively just a small wrench.

It’s also still a two-handed operation requiring you to grip the heater block with one hand while rotating the socket with the other.

What I didn’t like about it, aside from the price, was that it’s design assumes that the nozzle will be centred on the heater block. That’s not true for all heater block designs.

I ended up buying
Which has worked out well. Also, on the opposite side from the socket, you can insert a screwdriver bit, which makes it even more useful.

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PLA± 5

If 3dpc keeps that in stock, I can stop ordering from those Toronto guys.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a finger ratchet :joy:
That’s a good idea, thanks for the info @LEGOManiac

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Idk where you would find it, but a spring steel sheet thats 240x240 and a simmilar finish to the prusa satin sheets would be an instant buy from me.

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I remember having this conversation a few months ago. I also bought the little ratchet and it’s pretty great for removing the hot nozzle. I’ve found that it’s just a bit too deep to afford re-installing a new nozzle. Have you solved that problem for yourself? Did you pack something into the bottom of the socket? Are you using a particularly shallow socket bit on the other side that the nozzle fits in nicely? Or just don’t bother, and just using finger tips to quickly start the nozzle before it’s too hot to touch?

Well, two things: first, even with the hot end at 250C, the replacement nozzle will be cold so you’ve got at least 15 seconds to get it screwed in before it becomes too hot to handle, and second, it’s never a good idea to start threading something in with a tool; you need to be able to feel that the threads are engaged properly and not crossed. I learned that from my mechanic neighbour when I was growing up…and ignored it…and cross-threaded a number of bolts and fittings before it finally sunk in - start it by hand; tighten it with a tool.


Thanks Lego; that’s pretty great advice and not something I had thought about. I’ve been finger-threading, but get frustrated if I am having trouble (for some reason) getting it lined up, having to wait until it cools down enough to take another stab.
Such is life, with 200C bits of metal and fingers.

I would ultimately echo the particular recommendation for a small finger-wrench for the nozzle removal. It’s far cheaper than the z-catch one and, while not necessary, it’s a handy way to get the 200C nozzle off the hotend without having to try to catch it.

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3D Gloop for PLA. It looked like at one point 3DPC had it in stock but no longer. I had to buy some elsewhere