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I suppose if one printed a 16 x 16 grid of squares going from 100% one colour to 100% the other, calibrating it wouldn’t be that tedious. Of course, easier said than done. I don’t suppose Cura has settings for such a thing.

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lol, I don’t think so. Have to use a different version of it all together to work on the belt printer.

I know Keith was doing something with a tricolor mixing head, not sure how he ever made out with it.

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Yes, I have a Geeetech 301 Rostock Delta with a 3 colour blending head on it.

In firmware the M*** (can’t remember) is enabled. Gives me live % changing of print colours.

So 34%, 33%, 33% or 100%,0,0 or 60, 20,20 etc.

I can do live or m600 pause print. Change ratio and resume.

I had one print where I was live changing. Reduced the red to zero. Paused print removed red spool placed Yellow in and then blended more yellow in as print was going .
So was like I had 4 clours going at one in printer .

Yes, I too feel it insulting to have printers on floor. I had to take this one down to do a test sample on a resin printer. Only have room for 6 at a time on my benches. Storage locker /Cabinet no room left. Time to sell some I guess!