SuperSlicer better than Simplify 3D/Cura or Prusa Slicer?

I saw this video by Teaching Tech and installed SuperSlicer.

I’m impressed from what I see but there’s so many printing options.
It looks like PrusaSlicer and Simplify 3D. I haven’t printed anything with it yet.
My slicer of choice was S3D but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore which is too bad.
Has anybody tried SuperSlicer and what was/is their experience?

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yes I have tried it and like it a lot.

Only “bug” I have found with it that rarely I setup a printer and the next day I go to use it and the setup is gone. Set it up again and then it stays. Doesn’t happen every time but have noticed it twice.

I do like it though, nice features and flexible for other printers. The built-in calibration is killer.

I did a quick blip on it a while ago when I started using it.

I Will be honest though, it’s now the only one I use at home despite a couple of small issues.


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I wanted to try this one too. I used Cura and Prusaslicer together for a while but this might solve one of the issues I have using Prusa … that I don’t remember what it was now heh. but I’ve been using Cura until now. I have 2 more printers coming then I can take a breath and sort some things out with my workflow.

I have a feeling it’s going to become my ‘go to’ slicer. It has features Cura doesn’t have and vice-versa. I also believe it’ll only get better with time and ‘user feedback’. Glad to see you like it.