Temp Settings for Ender 3

I built the Ender 3 watching the YouTube video but my display is slightly different. I bought it from Amazon UK. The menu has:
Info Screen, Motion, Temperature, Configuration, No Media, English, About Printer on the first screen.
It appears to have pre set itself to 200 degrees and 60 degrees is this ok or should it be 185 and 50 as in the video?


I assume you are printing PLA? If so I have always printed my PLA at 200 degrees and 60 on the bed and have never had any problems. But an easy way to tell what the best temperature for your printer is would be to print a temperature tower, I have included a link below for more information on how to do this!

Hope this helps,

How to Use a Temperature Tower for 3D Printing – Clever Creations.

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Thanks for the info i have yet to level my bed but i am getting the auto home reset printer now. Should i level it first as the disable steps didnt seem to work.

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Hi @garyogden1957uk

a big welcome from the forum to you, I’m glad you found us.

The difference in displays/settings is nothing to be alarmed about. I personally treat them as a preheat anyway and rely on the slicer to set finals for me. A little lower than melting temp is what I always go for just to prevent the nozzle from emptying itself before the print starts.

I am not quite sure what the question is you are asking here though, Generally, I would level the bed, if there is no menu item to drive you through the process, Home the printer, disable the steppers in the menu and then manually (slowly) move the head around to get your levelling complete.

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Thanks for the help i was getting a home error and reset printer? I could home it and then turn the printer off and then level it?

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oh, I somehow missed that, Its been a long week.
Which axis are you getting the home error on?

It will always be home in the order of X, Y then Z.

If you are getting the homing error we need to fix that before you can level.

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Hi Jason, not getting the home error today.

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that sounds like a good thing. Where are you now. If you can home does it use the BLtouch to do the Z axis home or is the limit switch still on it?

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Hi I have finally managed to level my Ender 3 bed but following a video I can’t raise the Z axis before loading my filament, Help!

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After you home the printer are the red and blue lights on in the BLtouch? You have to look carefully for the blue one it’s pretty tiny.

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I dont have a bl touch.

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Oh, sorry, My bad. that makes it extra strange.

So after you home the printer on your screen it says X0 Y0 Z0?

Sorry but I have to ask the question, How are you trying to raise the Z axis, From the console or are you using pronterface or klipper to control?

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Oh, how I have been struggling with this problem for a long time! Thank you for being! Hehe)

HI @howtouse3dprint.com

I think you may have missed the question, How are you controlling the axis to move the Z axis?

I think i am posting in another thread but i have solved the problem now.

thats perfect, All is good, Glad you got it figured out.

Was it a difference in the UK menu or something else?

i print pla at 205-210 and 45 on the bed, using an ender5 pro (ive found my thermostat reads slightly low)

I had a lead unpluged


Yes the uk version has a different menu.

So bed levelling hot bed or cold?