Troodon problem

Hi everyone … I have owned a troodon for about 1 month … I am having this problem. I tried to decrease the jerk acceleration but the problem did not go away. In your opinion, what could it be and how can I fix it? thanks to those who want to answer me, Mauro.

maybe just slow down the print speed.

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that was going to be my suggestion first, If you slow it down and the problem goes away you have something loose more than likely in the gantry. You are getting a vibration in there and its causing the ringing. rest of the print looks good, its just with the quick acc change after the detail.

I’m so sorry, I went straight to nerd mode.

Welcome to the forum, Pull up a chair and share what you are up to. Glad you found us and happy to have you here.

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looks too fast to me.

might be helpful.

thank you! I watch the video✌️

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Hi, I printed the test file … this is the result.

I am seeing a couple of things. Clearly there is ghosting or ringing. To me it looks like there is under extrusion on the first layer too. Is this possible?

I would suggest two things.

  1. slow the print speed by 50% this will give a big change to see if it is mostly speed settings or something is loose.

  2. Calibrate the extrusion. It will just all round print better. I am posting a quick way its for Prusaslicer but hold for all slicers I know of.

Hello and thanks for your reply. All belts are perfectly adjusted in tension … the printer is fixed on a vibration-free table. the test I did it at 80mm / s. I will try to print at 40mm / s to see if it improves.

I was thinking … does anyone have a profile for prusaslicer or ideamaker to send me? i would try to see if there are differences…i am using simplify3d. Thank you.

Tested by lowering the speed to 40mm / s … it improves the ghosting a bit but I don’t like it

Agreed that is bad. From the photos I’d say no improvement at all or slight maybe. How are the belts they need to be tight enough but not too tight. If the power is off are the movements smooth? Sloppy?

Have you done a full calibration?

The first prints looked to have underextrusion. Not typically related but uncalibrated printers do not perform well.

I must admit I would have expected better, I had assumed a Voron clone would be quite good.

It could be ghosting rather than ringing. Ghosting is infill pattern showing through. To be it looks like ringing caused by vibrations on movements but slowing the speeds down should have greatly changed that.

You might try making sure the printer is on a very solid surface (like a floor for example) at least to test. Return the print speed back to ‘normal’ but use ‘high quality setting.’ Like 0.15 or so. With more perimeters (3-5) and perhaps infill before perimeter setting.

Are you using the manufacturers profile for what ever slicer? if not I would suggest that at least as a starting point.

Hi, I did several tests … I only got results by lowering the jerk accelerations (M566) to 12mm / s "720mm / m. But I can’t fix the bulges on the corners (see cube photo)

that looks like a different issue. Elephant foot, would be my guess.

No, the elephant’s paw is when there are the first very flattened layers … in my case all the corners along the entire height of the cube are more swollen

Ok on the phone I didn’t see that well.

Some questions:

What nozzle diameter are you using?

What layer height are you using?

What layer width are you using?

You might try decreasing your print temp a bit.

You could try increasing coast settings and or retraction.

This has a direct drive doesn’t it?

There is no letter on the one side of the test cube. most have a X,Y,Z on all sides. Does the file you printed have a blank side or did the printer not print one side or fill the letter? It just struck me as odd.

I send you the photos of simplify3d

yes Orbiter 1.5 direct drive