Upgraded and need Help

Hi everyone. new here and really hoping for some guidance.

Last spring I got into a used 5 Pro with CRtouch. Rest of the machine was stock and it is running the newest version of Marlin. I printed all sorts of things over last summer and fall then decided to upgrade the extruder to a direct drive and Creality Spider hotend and glass build bed to start printing things with more “exotic” filaments. I tore the machine down and printed a whole bunch of aesthetic and functional upgrades on my ender 3 while I was “rebuilding” the 5 Pro. Cable hides, bed supports, build bed cable support, end stop covers, wheel covers, LCD cover, front rail relocation parts…all sorts of cool things. Also got an enclosure in the works to print with TPU and ABS.

I have the machine all reassembled and it fires up just like it did before the upgrades but it is not homing correctly now. I know how the set the Z with the CRtouch but my X/Y are way off…left side as you are facing the machine the probe doesn’t even touch the build plate when I select AutoHome. I am having a hard time finding how to set the probe to nozzle offset. Is there a way to do this on the machine itself or do I have do something with the firmware now?

Any guidance is much appreciated and I look forward to learning more. Just when I think I have a firm grasp on this hobby I come across new stuff I don’t know.

I know this may be a stupid reply but I have seen others that forgot this step when installing a CR touch upgrade. Did you disconnect the old Z limit switch?

Also did you upgrade the firmware in both the printer MoBo and the controller box?

The printer was purchased with all that done already and I was using CRtouch successfully until I decided to upgrade to direct drive. Nothing was changed on the software or electronics. Just the extruder, hot end, thermosister, and heat probe. I didn’t change the mobo or marlin in any way.

Hi there,

This would need to be something that would be changed in the firmware, are you running klipper or marlin based firmware?


I don’t remember changing any software values nor would I even know how. I bought the printer used, ran it for a few months without any problems and only ever fine tune adjusted Z

When you did the hotend upgrade, did the position (x,y) of the cr touch relative to the nozzle change? If so you need to setup this new position in the firmware. For klipper, this would be setup in the config file… if I remember correctly, for marlin, there might be a menu to set that… otherwise you would need to modify the config files and re-compile the firmware. Did the nozzle position change relative to the end stops? If so you might have to move the end stops or put an x y offset in your slicer.