What do you use your 3d printer for?

There are many uses for a 3d printer including repairing hard to find parts, cosplay, rapid prototyping custom 3d designs, etc.

What do you use your 3d printer for and why?

Cosplay armour, and Droid building. Once my current set of armour is done I want to build Chopper and R2D2

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Printing minis mostly, printing organizers, printing memes!

What kind of armour? Abs or pla?

Currently building Paz Vizsla from the Mandalorian S1E3. He is the heavy Infantry mandalorian with the giant blaster. It is a lot of plastic. I’m doing PLA as my CR10s5 is too big for an enclosure and my basement is a bit chilly. I also have a spool of PETG I was going to try for some of it. I’m using a shell minimum of 4. the parts seam to be fairly strong so far. I have heard some people reinforce their armour parts with fibreglass inside for added strength. Haven’t decided if I will need to do this or not.

So far its been used for several things

  • Cosplay stuff for my kids
  • Science projects for school
  • replacement parts (broken or missing)
  • and of coarse dust collectors :wink:

whatever amuses me, my wife, my kids or grandkids. That and spare parts or household items

What printer are you using for your minis?

Currently building an R2 droid. Will be also making some new star wars character armour.

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I used my printer for many applications like movie personage, art, engineering parts, sketch with Fusion 360, Gears, Robot arm,. I built my own printer from an Anet A8.

Ended 3, typically .4 nozzle with .8 layer height

I’ve made some LED light fixture prototypes for growing plants with + did some Wood PLA prints recently to help secure my Comp & Monitor to my desk (My cats are pretty good with not pouncing on the Desk, it’s simply a “just in case” :wink: )

Quite a few woodshop templates, hangers, tool organizers and such. Fixed a few house hold appliances with being able to replace parts as well

Oh great. That’s what I do as well for my minis. Nice to hear of someone else in the same club.

Mostly been building small stuff. Tool holders, shelf brackets, a display holder for Game Boys, etc.

RC parts and bodies but really anything I can do around the house like make templates for knobs on new kitchen cabinets. They are all perfectly positioned.

I’ve been printing photos as lithophane. Makes a great present especially when using a cheap arduino to add lighting effects. Otherwise toys for the kids and cool knicknacks. My next project is a robot like cozmo and robot arm.

Purchased TK Armour few years ago. Also Shoretrooper armour. Prices were pretty pricey so I purchased a CR-MAX specifically to print SW helmets in one shot. Bought some files but have found free ones that seem to be just as good. Currently printing Shortrooper armour…

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Are you joining the 501st with your costumes? Here is a link to the costume reference library CRL. It is useful for getting as film accurate as possible. Costuming:CRL - Databank

I’ve made a few decorative light switch covers, belt organizers, guitar wall hook, spice rack, name plates, a 2 piece box for a charger and space to hold tablets and cell phones, vent cover. I also designed a cover for a hole in the wall Instead of patching it, headset hooks.