What is a Better Volcano: Titan Aero or Hemera

I’m looking for debate on which you feel is a more reliable Extruder.

Going to Build a CoreXY Printer planing on 150-200mm/s.

Going to use Volcano V2 with PT100 style Thermistor and 50W or 60W 24VDC heater.

I will be printing mostly ABS, PET-G, CF-PA (Carbon Fiber Nylon)

I have the volcano on an aero as part of my printer (stock). Works great and I can print advanced materials at high temperatures well. I have the plated copper block with a titanium heat break. I regularly print with PC and Nylon (not CF), but have printed CF-PETG with the nozzlex nozzles and they worked great.

Only tip I would suggest is to go for the heater elements with 90 degree cable exits as the volcano screws in super close to the heat sink and it is hard to not damage the cables.

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Thanks Elrin, i’ll look into the 90 degree ends

I’m currently using the Fysetc/Triangle labs 50 watt ones

you should put those 90 Degree ones on the 2021 Wish list!!

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