What’s causing this?

What is causing my prints to come out like this? And how do I fix this problem?

I have an Ender3 v2, all metal Swiss hot end, direct drive. I am printing with PETG and I have a BL touch connected.

These are separate issues but IMO all related to heat. Petg likes enclosures. It prints better in high ambient temps. All well the last one maybe not so much are temperature related.

There is a quick (but be very careful) test to see. Check your temps for the material perhaps bump them up a bit. I use 240/70.

Pick a small fast model (less than an hour) and cover the printer temporary with a stiff bag (like an ikea bag) BABYSIT it do not leave it alone. Many things can go wrong. (hence the small fast model) It should hold ambient temps better (you should be able to feel it) and hopefully improve the prints. Also lower your fan speed (print fan not extruder) try 50% or off completely.

Might be too hot. PETG is touchy with cooling but it might need a bit more than you have on the overhanging parts.

Oh you might want a few more parameters. That last print should be helped by that.

oh I agree the layer separation is probably caused by this. I don’t see it anymore since I enclosed mine. but I do see the rough overhangs if I’m not carful with the speed/temperature/cooling

So I have my printer in an enclosed case. My temps for the petg are 240 for the nozzle and 85 for the bed.

Hmm ok I’d try reducing your print speed. It looks like you have ringing too so that might be a clue to what is going on. Try slower speeds that may help your layer adhesion.

Funny, print PETG on open printer with glue stick, 230 hotend, 70 bed, fan off first 2 layers on at layer 3 at 30%.
Both regular PETG and PETG carbon fibre print great.

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I actually never have had a single issue with Petg in or out of an enclosure either. It prints like PLA easy and simple it is hard to tell apart. have stopped buying similar colours as I more than once got the real part and a prototype part confused and used and melted the pla prototype.

What is your fan speeds and also what hotend are you using

This is my screen as I am preheating my printer

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Fan speed 255 this is my set up


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Is 255 your maximum fan speed?.

Ok so have you done a full calibration after changing the hot end?

I’d cut the fan speed in ½. Try that but be certain it has been calibrated first.


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Would bed levelling issues cause any of this??? I had taken it in to be tuned up by the technicians at 3D printing Canada it was printing fine when I got home about 11 pieces and the by the 12th piece it started to print funny.

I played with the bed and then from that point on it’s been a mess. I don’t know what I did but not sure I there a special way to level the bed.

I noticed when I clicked auto level and it went through all 9 points the 3 points on the left side of the bed (front middle back touch points read ) 8.2 the centre of the bed (front middle back touch points read ) 7.9 and then the right side of the bed (front middle back touch points read ) 7.6

chances are your bed is ok but you can do a test print and see how it looks. the level is one thing but the Z height is another thing that needs to be adjusted sometimes. Usually, these things cause first layer and adhesion problems. There is a first layer test in the calibration link that @kitedemon posted above.

It could also be temperature calibration, extruder calibration. I did not think it was the bed, But temps being off or the extruder needs calibration. perhaps.

PETG likes water. I am in a humid area and have to dry it periodically. Try drying it.

So I printed a cube looks
Like X and Y are fine it’s Z that looks off.

These are my settings when I auto home my printer

The last one without the letter on it is the bottom of the cube and it does look like there is an adhesion problem. If the prints lift off the bed even a little it can definitely cause trouble later in the print. Can you do a fist layer test from the calibration page and see how it looks? You might have to dial in the Z offset. Or some leveling issue may present itself. That cube is only taking up a tiny spot of the bed and migh not show problems that could be magnified on a bigger part.