What would the cause of this be?

I am printing with PETG
Nozzle temp is 250
Bed is 70
Printer is in an enclosure

All my litter layers are doing this but the pieces are pretty solid. What causes this?

HI @mbura

I just want to make sure we are seeing the same issue, I am seeing an area where it looks like one layer is stretched?

Are you using Brims or Skirts on your model? Is there any chance you can print the first layer of something and then stop the print so we can see just the affected layer?

I can try, when I get home from work later tonight.


No Problem, don’t want to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks that’s all

I am not seeing what Jason is. To me it looks like a bit of under extrusion. A fast adjustment to the extrusion multiplier might solve it. Two perspectives! LOL.

Mean little Gremlins.

this occurs on the last 3 layers of the outer layer of my prints. the rest of the print is solid