Z Axis shows 0 - Bed is 70 - 80 mm below top stop

Had an issue that I noticed after unboxing a CR5 H Pro. The leveling dongle was bent, causing the bed to be too close to the nozzle and making for some really bad prints. I put in a ticket with Creality with pictures to show the leveling dongle was bent and requesting a replacement. That was last week. Haven’t heard back. This morning I decided that there are some things I want to print, so I dropped the bed 70 to 80MM’s then turned off the power. I carefully pulled down the dongle and straightened it. I put it back up inside the housing and turned the power on expecting it to home. Instead, the Z axis shows 0 and because it thinks it’s at the top of its travel won’t let me move it back up to the top. Can I manually move the bed while powered down to get it back where it belongs without causing damage ?

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I do know creality is a bit backed up at the moment because of chinese new year. If your ticket was sent into them during that period of time (10th-17th) it may be worth resending it just to ensure it wasn’t misplaced by accident.

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Hi Matthew. Hadn’t thought of that, Thank You. I’ll resubmit.

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