Ender 5 pro tpu help

hello i just got a role of duramic 3d tpu 95 and printed a temp tower at 20mm/s infill, walls at 10mm/s this turned out good so I went to start the project I bought the filament for at 25 and 15 mm/s respectively and temp of 227.5 . bed plate was 60 initial layer and 55 after fan at 20% initial and 70% after layer 2. I ended the print after 3 layers

currently have it going again with a lower print speed
ender 5 pro boden tube

here is the tds for the filament
Duramic_TPU_TDS_EN_V1.1.pdf (shopifycdn.net)

after one layer it was same thing so stopped and trying temp tower again to see if nossle is plugged

Hi there,

Sorry this hasn’t been working very well for you! I usually print my tpu at around 230-240 degrees. In terms of troubleshooting, I would start with making sure your z-offset is correct and that you have a proper squish on your first layer. You may also want to set your first layer height to be a bit higher, I know in prusaslicer you can set this but i’m unsure about where it would be in cura.

Another thing you may want to try is to set your esteps properly, this can be tested by heating your nozzle up to the proper temperature, then you need to mark 120mm of filament from the input of your extruder. Then you will want to extrude 100mm of filament. Measure how much filament was actually extruded and you can then input it into the calculator I provided below to see the result.

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i did a e step reset a while back and that is good now turned out that the filament just wasn’t going (the wheels had squished the filament and couldn’t bite it after it had sat too long ) moved the line along and it seems to be ok? waiting for the print to get a few layers
just checked, filament was bent out out from the drive wheel from me trying to push it pulled out and cut off damaged section and trying again

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I have never had much luck printing tpu with bowden setups. In fact, I have never had a completed print with a bowden setup. It always just ended up spooling out of the extruder before the print could finish. One thing you may want to try is to upgrade from your current extruder to something like an E3D titan or Bondtech BMG extruder, even the knockoff versions of these products should be fine for you and can be found quite cheap. I have always enjoyed using these for bowden setups more than the stock creality ones anyways, and a bonus for you is that they are completely closed up so the filament shouldn’t spool out of the extruder.

Hopefully this helps!

sorry i am confused with what you mean by “spooling out of the extruder”
got one going now just finished first layer looking good so far

Sorry for the confusion,

When I was printing with tpu before the filament would often start to not actually go through the bowden tube. Instead it would be pushed out into the air around the extruder forming a loop of sorts around the extruder.

Hopefully the print goes well for you! Another thing you may want to try if this doesn’t work would be to make sure your bed has been properly leveled.


the problem ive been having was that the filament is not getting bit by the feed wheels

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I would still suggest getting one of the other extruders in that case. They have dual gears inside of them which helps to grip the filament much better than the stock single geared creality extruder! TPU can be a challenging filament to print, even with a direct drive setup. But it is definitely possible!


ok so here’s what I got it appears that the feed wheel doesn’t grab the plastic all the time and is squishing a flat spot into the line this time went and finished the first layer before it stopped

how can i add files to the forum??
my hope is this fall to upgrade to a dd

will add the files in today

Hi there,

Thanks for providing some more information. How do you store this filament? And have tried drying it yet? I know you have mentioned that you just got this roll of filament, but sometimes with materials like tpu that absorb a lot of moisture they can come wet from the factory.

Another thing you have mentioned is that you had printed a temperature tower, did this complete fully? If it did would you mind trying to print it again, if the print is able to complete successfully then we can focus on something other than the filament itself. But if this print that has worked in the past fails once again then there may be something else at play.


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the filament came vacuum packed with a dry pack
will try the temp tower again, it didnt finish because i stopped it a 215* when it quit extruding proper.
The area where my printer is low humidity as there is a wood stove (lumber stored in the area was 3% humidity) the first failed print was within 12h of opening the package
ps can tpu be dried in an oven like pla?

Thanks for your response,

As far as I know you should be able to dry it in the oven, you would probably have to adjust the temperature and time you put it in for, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I would maybe look into this a little further before attempting it if you choose to do so. I have never personally tried this so I don’t know how well it works or what temperature to try it with.

Let me know how the print goes, fingers crossed that it completes successfully and there is just something simple that we are missing :crossed_fingers:.


the temp tower is going good, i was just thinking and realized that the printer was doing the outside of the first layer but not the inside when this print is done will pull the card and share the gcode that is failing

Glad to hear it is going good!

Yeah if you could share the gcode that would be great! Is it something that you modeled yourself or is it something you downloaded?

Slowly we are making progress!

Material for a seal - 3D Printing Materials - 3D Printing Space this is the project i drafted it in onshape

added both files to dropbox above i dont understand the actual writing of gcode to know what most of it says

also it was 220 where this went bad so might want to go 230 for my next try