Ender 5 S1 Printing weird with tungsten nozzle

Hey everyone,

So My printer has been printing great with standard PLA filaments from the store but my stock nozzle was getting tired so I decided it was time to do the 1st changeout. I’m also planning on printing glow-in-the-dark and fine detail so I opted to try the tungsten nozzels I bought with my printer (and the 0.2 one instead of 0.4). But now I’m printing like this: (typically this would be 1 thick line)

As you can see, it’s very squiggly and maybe over extruded? What’s more, the nozzle doesn’t seem to be close enough to the bed to make a connection with the first layers, resulting in this:

It doesn’t seem to be any higher or lower than it was before, but I guess the extrusions on 0.4 brass made it to the bed better? I’m not sure why this seems to just float off the bed vs the fine adhesion I had with 0.4 brass…

This is a comparison of the spare nozzles I have of each kind:

Here is the product page for the tungsten nozzles:

When I bought my Ender 5 S1 off Creality’s own website, I bought these nozzles with it making sure to confirm on their site that they are compatible before buying them. The filament I used here is the base white PLA that came with the printer itself, and I’ve successfully printed with it numerous times before. To sum up, the only changes I’ve made before attempting to print from a stable baseline were as follows:

  • Cleaned extruder, replacing 0.4 stock brass nozzle with 0.2 compatible Creality tungsten nozzle
  • changed the slicer profile from a 0.4 nozzle to a 0.2 like so:

After that I changed the print quality to Ultra Quality (0.08) and otherwise left the defaults unchanged (which, again, have worked beautifully otherwise previously)

So, that said, my question is this: What settings do I need to further change to accommodate the new size and material of my current nozzle? IMO less is more for changes because I know, for the most part, these settings work with very few physical differences on the printer. If I end up changing 30+ settings I won’t know what helpped and what didn’t and might even counteract good changes with further not-so-great ones. Cheers!

Hi there!

In order to get printing again all you will have to lower your z-offset slightly, the new nozzle you got is shorter than the old one you had. You will need to bring the print head down by the difference between them. You could also start a print and slowly bring the nozzle down until the first layer looks good, just make sure it is a print with a large bottom layer that way you have lots of time to tweak it :wink:.

I have included a link below to a guide for setting your offset properly!

Hope this helps,

I finally had the time to get to this. I changed the Z offset and now it’s much tighter:

the initial line looks a little nicer, but still squiggly. the brim still doesn’t adhere

Hi there,

I might even try lowering it just a little bit more, you want to continue fine-tuning it until your first layer sticks perfectly. It is a bit of an art to get right, but once you get it right you shouldn’t have to deviate much!


You probably already figured this out, but the 5 S-1 uses the same nozzles as the Creality 7, they share the same hot end… Creality don’t make a hard nozzle for them, you have to purchase in the aftermarket, and even there they are hard to find…

The only ones I have found so far, other than the Micro Swiss plated ones in that thread are from China…

Mine have arrived, but I have not tried them yet… They do look identical to the original Creality ones…


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