Print adhesion, too good?

I recently obtained an ender 5 pro and am having problems with adhesion… to good when I pull the prints off, I end up with part of the first layer staying on the bed when I pull the prints off. when I increased the first layer print height, I reduced the amount left when I tried to scrape it off, I started to scratch the print surface. wondering if others have had this problem and if so, what you did to fix it?

HI, @two-mountains what material are you printing and what surface are you printing it on?

on the standard magnetic bed initial bed temps from 45-50 pulling off at room temperature (22-25)
have going from initial layer thickness of .2 to .23 helped but not 100 percent. I have a print ending soon and will share pics

ok, Will keep an eye out for the pics and see whats happening.

here is a picture after the last print

initially, on first look, it seems like the first layer is too tight, Looks like the nozzle is melting into the bed which would make sense for what you are seeing.

Can you post up a pic of the bottom layer or underside of the last print?

the inital layer height was .23mm

i waas just thunking there is an adjustment for the zerro stop should i touch this or is it best left factory?

there is an adjustment, you can set it with Baby stepping for a print by print adjustment or if you need to move it at least a certain amount every time you would use the Z offset. You can set this up with an M851 command. To me it looks like the first layer is too close, I think you can quickly move this a bit to help your prints come off much easier. This article on the first layer helps visualize what it’s supposed to look like.

i have been using this bed level test
Ender 3/5 Bed leveling G-CODE + test print + LCD STEPS UPDATE 28/11/19 by Ingenioso3D - Thingiverse
now to mess about with the screws to get it good

still havent got it worked out 100% but if i do a .25-.3 mm raft it works to peel off ok

sure that would work, I may opt for a different print surface, maybe you just got a bum one?

Usually they are not nearly this hard to get along with