Printing Issues

As picture shows. Trying to print this object and it starts off good but when it start to print diagonally thats where I have the issue. I printed other things after that were ok. I got object off of thingiverse and there were two pieces and the first piece was more complicated and it printed fine. The easy piece is which Im having issues with. This is the link and picture on my printer.


Thank you for posting this issue!

What I would like you is:

  1. Verify the “levelness” of the bed (make sure your z-offset is configured/dialed in).
  2. What is your print temperature?
  3. What filament are you using?
  4. Make sure the nozzle size is correct in the slicer.
  5. Make sure the fan is working properly and not shutting off mid-print (especially with PLA).

Thank you for your reply.
I have the BL touch installed by you guys
My print temperature- Bed - 65 celcius
- Nozzle - 205 celcius
Filament is E sun 1.75 PLA Plus
Nozzle in slicer is 0.4 mm
I hear the fan running all the tim.
I have a Micro Swiss direct drive installed by you guys also I have a glass bed that I bought from you guys and installed by you. I also changed out the control board to the 4.2.7

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it looks like the nozzle is too close to me. I’d also check the beds level the bl can only adjust so much


Ok I can do that.
After the issue with that print I printed this with no issues. If it was a leveling issue should I not have problems with everything I print. New to the game, just asking?

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Can I use a level to level bed?

Before each print, you should always level the bed (adjusting the z-offset if necessary).

As for the level, you can use one to see if the rods or extrusions are bent or not, but not necessary to level the actual bed.

no a level will not work. It isn’t actual level but uniformness to the nozzle. Level issues can lead to one print being fine and one not. From what I can glean I’d suspect nozzle to bed being the big problem anyway just try baby stepping it up a bit and try a large flat print again.

Ok. Even with the BL touch you still need to check for level. Doesn’t the BL touch due that and if not what is the purpose of it. I put my level, vertically on the rods and its not level? Im lost?

forget the level it is a crude tool for this. The bl will adjust minor variations in the bed surface bit if the bed is off by much it will not. I don’t think that is the likely culprit I think bed to nozzle is too close and the nozzle is catching the first layer. It can cause ripples or tears in the bottom of prints. baby stepping is the solution you can easily move the nozzle to bed distance during the print with the baby stepping that is 99% of the time included with firmware changes for the BL.

the term level on a 3d printer is not used correctly. It has nothing to do with levelling but it is really aligning or because I am a photographer collimating the bed and nozzle. The whole thing can be out of level if it has been aligned or collimated

I am thinking that one side of the bed is not level and you will need to adjust accordingly.

The one side (with a smooth, well executed print) is level, whereas the other is not.

Vertically speaking, make sure the extrusions are perfectly straight up. Between prints it could have moved slightly.

I just though of something. Do you have mesh bed levelling enabled in the firmware? Did you save the mesh data to the EPROM?

if you are not using the data from the BL it isn’t really doing anything

3d printing installed it so Im sure the had to install it. Would I be able to check?

I could have @Keith take a look at this!

I would expect to see a save to eprom in the menu. that is an m500 in marlin. If there is no menu item I would ask them what firmware it is.

It could still be nozzle distance and nothing tp do with firmware.

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PJ worked on my machine. That would Be great. Why did it print two other things after with no problem?
Just want to thank you guys in advance.

If it is a nozzle distance it will show up in large flats, the orange peel effect doesn’t show as much in narrow things.

If the bed is not true or not flat by a lot the bl can’t compensate or if you aren’t saving the data to the eprom it might be perfect in one spot and bad in another.

You could try a cube print and move it to the spot where you had the issue.

I am just going to keep guessing, you did clean the bed with IPA? it might be adhesion (again related to nozzle height over bed)

Its super frustrating when you expect it to work out of the box and it doesn’t. I bought the sidewinder as a tool but got a project. I am going back to Prusa they are tools no tinkering is needed.

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My Creality machines with a BLTouch do this all the time. It usually happens when I swap a nozzle and need to adjust my z-offset height.
It also happens if I take a print off that has been really stuck down.

The nozzle height to the bed just needs to be recalibrated, with the stock springs this can happen a surprising amount.

First things first, you need to tram (level, but tram is proper technical term) the bed. You can even just do it by eyeball to start, just make sure the nozzle is the same height from the bed at all four corners of the bed.

Then, if you can, adjust your ‘probe z-offset’ with a paper test or some live tramming, I almost always have to adjust mine by at least 0.1mm after a nozzle swap or a stuck print.

To me it looks like your nozzle a tiny bit too close at the bottom right corner, if tramming the bed doesn’t help I would try increasing my probe z-offset’ slightly (i.e. -3.7mm to -3.6mm on my machine), then saving the settings.

The BLTouch helps alot, but you have to start with a nicely levelled/calibrated/trammed bed for it to work properly.

To adjust how close of the glass bed do I bring up to the nozzle. When I auto home it my Z-offset on lcd home screen shows 12.53 mm. Do I move the bed closer?